Certificate course in Mobile App Testing

With the dramatic surge in demand for on-the- go operations, mobile app development has emerged as a prime requisite in the tech arena. The market needs highly efficient and skilled developers capable of ensuring successful app testing and deployment. With specially designed courses for an advanced diploma in mobile app testing, Felix ITs emerges as the leading training institute. We impart professional training and offer profitable career opportunities to our students.

Program Highlights

As the premiere training institute in mobile testing, we strive to ensure an innovative and beneficial learning process for our students. Our training program highlights and course benefits include:

  •  Professional mobile app testing on diverse platforms
  •  Functional and effective test automation
  •  100% placement guarantee to successful students
  •  Highly skilled and efficient trainers and faculty
  •  Live projects and assignments
  •  Targeted training on every aspect of mobile app testing
  •  Live presentations and recorded sessions
  •  Advanced training on test automation

Who is it for?

Individuals with a basic and elementary knowledge of mobile software and applications can opt for our courses. Our training program is also beneficial for:

  •  Job aspirants
  •  Mobile app development enthusiasts
  •  Post-graduates, undergraduates

Learning at Felix-

Professional training can help you hone your skills thus emerging as the front runners in the tech arena. You can realise your dreams thus translating them into reality. It is here that Felix ITs claims to be the most efficient and reliable training partners. We believe learning is nothing short of innovation, and one should discover and explore new possibilities in life. At Felix ITs, we impart targeted and effective mobile app-testing training thus preparing aspirants for the global market.


Comprehensive, in-depth, and targeted training will be the key towards achieving unsurpassed success. With a unique vision for our students and extensive experience in the professional arena, we at Felix ITs have come up with a comprehensive and interesting syllabus for students.

The highly experienced and ingenious faculty at Felix ITs will make sure students get prepared for diverse professional opportunities. Here’s what we offer to students and job enthusiasts:

  •  Introduction to mobile app testing
  •  Complete guide to automation testing and Android testing
  •  Emulator testing vis-à- vis real device testing
  •  iOS testing programs
  •  iOS testing using automation framework

Introduction to app testing

Our mobile app-testing training program is divided into courses and modules. Our experienced and efficient faculty will take you towards unsurpassed success.

Success stories –

1. A successful and rewarding career in mobile app testing requires professional skills and technical knowledge. With an undying passion for mobile app testing and development,I decided to choose it as my career. All I needed was the effective support from industry-leaders, and that’s where Felix ITs stood by my side. The training experience at this premier institute in Pune had been an amazing and spectacular one. I am quite happy to say that I have already received quite a few job opportunities from some of the reputed mobile app development companies.

-- -- - Suhasi Vashisht, Student at Felix ITs

2. Mobile apps and their functions have always intrigued me to a great extent. When I planned to consider it as a career option, professional and in-depth training was the first thing I opted for. As I was doing a little research on the web, the course modules, syllabus, and training methodologies at Felix ITs captured my attention. I decided to join the institute immediately, and here I stand, amongst the leading mobile testing experts.

-- -- Anjan Das, B.Sc student

Job Prospects

By completing the advanced diploma course in mobile testing at Felix ITs, students will have the opportunity to land their dream jobs. We will offer industry-relevant certifications at the end of the training, which will surely unlock numerous career opportunities for you. Some of the potential job prospects and career openings include:

1. Mobile testing expert for MNCs

2. Test strategy creators for mobile app development projects

3. Cross-platform app testing experts

4. App testing automation experts

The following career opportunities will not only offer you high revenues but also ensure 100% job satisfaction.


1. What makes this training program different?

After meaningful discussions with some of the leading names in the industry, we came across the real scenario. When it comes to mobile app testing, our country lacks highly skilled talents. As the leading training institute in mobile app testing, we develop integrated and professional courses for students. Apart from gaining knowledge of mobile app testing, you will come across lucrative job opportunities.

2. What are the important achievements?

Once you reach the end of the course, the experienced team at Felix ITs will help you achieving the following:

  •  Advanced diploma certification in mobile app testing
  •  Mobile testing experts
  •  Advanced knowledge in app testing
  •  100% placement assistance
  •  Career opportunities

3. Is this a certified training?

Yes, the advanced diploma in mobile-app testing training is a certified training program. With our certifications, you will have the opportunity to land your dream job.

4. What are the testing techniques and platforms?

At Felix ITs, we will impart comprehensive app-testing training in the iOS and Android platform.Our trainers will also help you master the skills of testing automation.

5. Is the training program relevant?

We take optimum care to update our courses thus offering industry-relevant training. Our team of course developers keeps a tab on upcoming trends and new technologies.

6. Who are the mentors?

As the pioneering training institute in Pune, we have some of the highly skilled and efficient trainers on board. With years of experience in the professional arena, they will prove to be highly efficient mentors too.

7. What are the job prospects offered by this institute?

After the completion of the training program, you can apply for the post of ‘mobile app testing experts’ in the leading IT companies. We offer 100% placement assistance thus helping you explore freelancing opportunities.

8. What are the special highlights of this course?

The advanced diploma certification is one of the crucial highlights of this training program.Students will get prepared for the professional job opportunities.

9. Do you offer feedback sessions?

Yes, all the teachers working with us will be more than happy to offer doubt-clearing sessions.You will also receive reports on your progress and performance.

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Why Should You Opt For Mobile App Testing Training Programs?

While developing an application, companies, and individual developers have quite a few aspects in mind. Other than the features and functions of the application, they also think about its commercial success. While cross-device compatibility emerges as an important aspect,flawless, unique, and personalized UX is also of paramount significance.

Mobile app testing emerges as a highly crucial necessity in app development. Without testing the application, developers won’t have the chance to know about operational glitches. If you are planning to opt for effective mobile app testing, here are some latest trends to follow!

The remarkable trends App testing is an integral aspect of app development and deployment. Quite like the previous year, app testing continues to be important in 2016 too. Here are the trends you should watch out for!

  •  Increased security: Optimum app security and data encryption are highly important trends in 2016. Developers must keep this aspect in mind while creating applications.
  •  Big Data: Big Data analytics and BI happens to be an inseparable part of numerous processes across industry verticals. The latest mobile app testing trends encompass these aspects too.
  •  Mobile payments: Mobile app testing experts will have to test the payment functions for eCommerce apps, as that is highly significant for online buyers.

The need for effective training Professional expertise in mobile testing is un-achievable without targeted training. It’s here that Felix ITs will emerge as the top mobile testing training partners. Their advanced diploma in mobile testing training will help innumerable students.

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