Diploma in Automation Testing

Welcome to Felix ITs! We are your premier training partners for software automation testing.As the pioneering training institute in Pune, we offer comprehensive and professional training to students. Our team of experienced and skilled trainers will teach you the art of implementing your testing framework. We also offer 100% placement assistance which truly makes us the leaders in the professional arena. Join our diploma in software automaton-testing training program and land your dream job!

Program Highlights

Potential automation testers and manual software testing experts will receive in-depth training at our institute. Our course highlights and benefits include:

  •  Learning essential skills related to Selenium
  •  WebDriver, IDE, Data Driven Testing, and RC training
  •  Implementation of testing framework with remote database
  •  Hands-on training with practical lessons
  •  Creation of test reports
  •  Professional automation testing knowledge
  •  Incorporation of the right strategies in real-time projects
  •  Learning the automation methodologies for web and mobile apps

These are some of the program highlights that help us qualify as the leading training institute.

Who is it for?

At Felix ITs, we offer targeted training to the following students and aspirants

  •  Manual testing experts interested in learning automation testing
  •  Existing automation testers who wish to develop current skills
  •  Testing managers and QA leads
  •  Selenium testers interested to work in mobile app testing
  •  Anyone interested to learn software testing automation

Learning at Felix-

Felix ITs is one of the leading training institutes for software testing automation. With a team of highly experienced and talented trainers, we guide our students in their pursuit of excellence.The learning experience at Felix ITs is nothing less than innovation. We not only help you gain profound knowledge of automation testing but also sharpen your skills in the professional arena. With years of experience in the software training market, we can prepare you for top recruitment opportunities.

Syllabus –

Being the front-runners in the software automation testing arena, we develop targeted and impactful training to students. Our prime objective and efforts lie in shaping up your career thus helping you land lucrative jobs. We have classified the syllabus into five important sections, each of them dealing with a specific aspect of software automation testing.

1. Section 1: Introduction to the basics

  •  Introduction to software automation testing
  •  Selenium Overview
  •  JavaScript overview and advanced languages

2. Section 2: Learning the basics

  •  Data and variable types in JavaScript
  •  Concept of objects and class
  •  String class and switch objects

3. Section 3: Selenium Webdriver

  •  Overview of the course
  •  Advanced training

4. Section 4: Using TestNG and Junit

  •  Introduction and Annotations

5. Section 5: Resume building and professional assistance

  •  Test SUITES and Resume creation
  •  Professional and placement assistance at leading MNCs

Success stories –

1. When it comes to landing professional job opportunities, in-depth training happens to be the prime requisite. We need to get prepared for professional job opportunities, and it is here that Felix ITs helps students to a great extent. As a software automation testing enthusiast, I was always in search of the most efficient training partners. The highly experienced faculty at Felix ITs helped me acquire industry-level training.

-- -- Sayantani Chaudhuri, Automation testing student

2. I was working as a manual software testing expert in one of the companies and decided to shift to automation testing. One of my friends suggested me to take admissions in Felix ITs, as they are the pioneering software automation-testing experts. The intensive training program in the Institute helped me prove myself in the professional market

-- -- Arjun K. Sahay, student at Felix ITs

Job Prospects –

We know the significance of landing your dream job. At Felix ITs, we don’t just offer software automation training. Apart from offering industry-relevant courses, we also provide effective career counselings. Our vision for students has helped us emerge as leaders in the market, and we take pride in our capability to shape their careers. Here are some of the job prospects offered by us:

  • 1. Senior Automation testing expert
  • 2. Software project manager in leading MNCs
  • 3. Automation testing experts
  • 4. QA Mangers in top IT firms
  • 5. QA leads in corporate projects


We are well aware of your queries regarding our automation testing training. Check out these FAQs, and we believe they will provide the right answers:

1. How is this training course different?

The ‘Diploma in Automation Testing’ training course offered by Felix ITs is quite different from the rest of the regular training programs. We believe in successful collaborations with some of the leading IT partners thus offering industry-relevant training. By enrolling at our institute, you will stand a strong chance of landing your dream job.

2. Do I get certifications?

Yes, you do. The training program offered by us is professional, industry-relevant, and certified diploma training. You will receive a ‘Diploma in Automation testing’ certification after completing it.

3. Can you say something about the career prospects?

As the pioneering and reputed training institute, we offer 100% placement assistance to our students. We will make sure you find your dream job in the leading MNCs and IT establishments. Some of the career openings include:

  •  Senior project developers
  •  Senior Automation Testers
  •  Automation testing experts for diverse apps

4. Do you update your training programs?

As the leading automation training institute, we are well aware of the emerging technologies and latest trends. We keep on updating our courses at regular intervals thus imparting targeted training.

5. What kind of training session do you offer?

Software automation testing requires in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on training. At Felix ITs, we include both these modules in our training programs. You will also receive feedbacks on your performance.

6. Do you offer lab sessions?

Yes, the experienced faculty at our institute will offer you practical work environments.

7. Do I get to train under experienced trainers?

Every teacher and automation testing trainer at Felix ITs is skilled, efficient, and knowledgeable.

They will begin from scratch and teach you every single aspect of automation testing. You will

get trained under industry-leading experts.

8. Do I get to work on live projects?

Yes, our trainers will test your automation-testing skills in live environments and real-time


9. What are the highlights?

You will have the opportunity to receive targeted training from the top talents in the market.

We also offer 100% placement and job assistance.

Learn More

Check Out The Latest Software Automation Testing Trends In 2016 Optimum performance and unsurpassed functionality are the prime features of a software application. While using an app, users won’t like to come across operational glitches. Quite naturally, software testing happens to be an integral aspect of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Leading organizations and IT establishments are considering software testing to be of paramount significance, and that has created the demand for highly experienced testers. Automation testing has gained grounds, and some of the top organizations are warming up to this concept. It’s here that potential testers and highly skilled automation testing experts need to keep up with latest trends.

Breeze through the article and check out some of the latest software automation testing trends in 2016!

Trends to watch out for Software testing continues to be a crucial priority in 2016. According to reliable stats, the market will experience a whopping 300billion mobile app downloads in the next quarter.Every user will want to experience optimum functionality, and that’s the prime reason for ensuring successful automation testing. The following trends will help you know what is important.

  •  New frameworks supporting automation testing
  •  Introduction of open-source testing frameworks such as Appium and Selenium
  •  Increasing dependence on Cloud testing
  •  Innovative software architectures
  •  Dealing with deployment complexities

These are some of the latest trends that prospective experts and professionals need to watch out for. If you are aspiring to become one, effective and professional automation testing training will be the prime requisite.

Introducing the leaders If you wish to increase your exposure to automation testing, top training institutes such as Felix-ITs will offer the best assistance. Their Diploma in Software Testing course will help you achieve professional success.

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