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Performance Enhancing UI Development Now Within Your Reach  ,With increasing emphasis on all-round UI development, it is perfectly likely that you would be looking to enhance your performance on both ends – programming as well as UI/UX. Not many UI developers courses in Pune offer this substantial advantage. It is here that Felix ITs comes across as your trusted training mentor for quality education in this field. 

Our comprehensive and well-thought out UI developers courses in Pune prepare you for the rigors of real world development scenario. Website development and design is today incomplete without a concentrated focus on UI/UX. Our modern day course is designed to get your professional caliber the much needed momentum to ascend to newer heights of success.

The Felix ITs Advantage for You

The key factors of our UI developers courses in Pune that help you in your career aspirations include – 

  1. Holistic – Right from applying creative and innovative design thinking, to future ready website development, you get exposed to all these pre-requisites for success
  2. Practical oriented – We believe that our training is only as good as the practical exposure allowed to our students. Our state of the art IT and practical lab ensures you get rich experience to build on your theoretical knowledge 
  3. Maximum scope – Our placement facility, 360ᵒ course content, dedicated attention to each student, and extensive support in gaining real world experience, all work together to give your education the maximum scope for creative success in your chosen vocation
  4. Cost efficient – You need not pay double for two separate courses /Modules for web development and for UI/UX. 

Our specially crafted course curriculum keeps your all-round progress in mind and hence gives you the best of both world – creative web design and development, and captivating UI/UX principles.

Course details

Module 1: Development


  • HTML5 and structuring content
  • HTML5 and ARIA roles
  • Mark-up for web forms 2.0
  • Microdata and SEO quick wins
  • HTML5 and design patterns
  • Mark-up for media: video as well as audio
  • HTML5 and associated API Technologies


  • Web fonts
  • CSS3 styled web form
  • CSS3 and layouts
  • CSS3 selectors
  • CSS3 properties that include transitions, transformations, and effects
  • CSS3 backgrounds

Knowledge of current browser implementations

  • Authoring Tools
  • HTML5 validators
  • Coding for Web-kit (Safari, Chrome, Opera), Mozilla, and IE (9 ,10 & 11)
  • Useful JavaScript libraries (Jquery, Zepto, LESS)

Module 2 :Website Design Wizardry

Starting from basic design concepts and taking on popular functions, the course allows you to get a firm grasp of the software. This will allow you to explore your Design Thinking creativity in your future projects. We cover a separate section on using Photoshop for Web Design so that your prospect as a web designer increases significantly once the course is over. 

a.       Softwares

  • ·   Get to know the workspace
  • ·   Configuration for maximum productivity
  • ·   The basics

b.      Software tools

  • ·   Layers and their styles
  • ·   Move tool
  • ·   Selection and cropping
  • ·   Different Brushes for varying strokes
  • ·   Eraser
  • ·   Gradients
  • ·   Type tools
  • ·   Shapes
  • ·   How to undo safely
  • ·   Smart objects
  • ·   Pitting pixels against vectors
  • ·   How to blend multiple images

c.       Web Design made enticing with Software

  • ·   960 Grid system for managing web development better
  • ·   Starting off with web design
  • ·   Industry practices
  • ·   Layers Folders resolved
  • ·   Alignment – get it right with tools and practicals
  • ·   Create main menu and search box
  • ·   Create eye-catching backgrounds
  • ·   Use of black and white images
  • ·   Use shadow to emphasize and reflection to attract to call to action button
  • ·   Clipping mask
  • ·   Effects and its usage
  • ·   Shadow based slider design and usage of stock photos in it
  • ·   Enhance visual impact of images and use of marquee tools
  • ·   Giving visual prominence to Logo
  • ·   Use canvas size to best effect
  • ·   Saving your project
  • ·   Determine a pattern from the image
  • ·   Use of layer styles
  • ·   Headers
  • ·   The Hero area of website
  • ·   Add ‘Recent Projects’, ‘Testimonials’ and Footer

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