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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Course

Learn curated concepts in digital marketing from industry professionals. At Felix-ITs, we prepare you for the industry-leading skills required to get a well-paying job. Not just some practicals and presentations, but learn how businesses use digital marketing to increase their revenue.


90 Hours



Weekend Batch




Our Locations: Pune, Mumbai

With Felix ITs’ comprehensive digital marketing course, dive deep into the fundamentals of digital marketing utilizing both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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Teaching The Fundamentals

What We Teach

Program Highlights

At Felix ITs, we have created a comprehensive digital marketing training in Pune to help you bring your A-game forward by enhancing your marketing knowledge and strategy, in a limited yet enough span of time. Digital marketing is much more than launching a website, sending emails, and posting on social media, therefore; our courses are designed to train you on all spectrums of the ‘Digital Marketing World’ so that you can make the best of both offline and online marketing. The major highlights of our comprehensive digital marketing training are:

  • Basics of different SEO Marketing
  • Understanding marketing channels
  • Ad optimization
  • Content Creation/Marketing/Execution
  • One-on-one mentorship with Digital Marketing industry experts


Our developers will guide you on every step ,our mentored courses is one of our USP.


you would be developing many real life apps as you learn which will help you gain confidence in development


our career counsellor will help you build your profile ,your GitHUB ,linkedin profiles ,update your resume, mock interviews & Machine Test , we will help you find right job and guide you in every steps

This Program Is Made For You

This Program Is Made For You

Do digital marketing and its reach fascinate you? If yes, this program is crafted for you! Anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet and a little bit of a knack for advertising and marketing can enroll in our comprehensive digital marketing training available in Pune & Mumbai.


As a digital marketing professional, you need to be on top of the game. So, take your marketing skills to the next level with this course and stand out from the crowd with effective marketing strategies and best practices.


Start off with the basic concepts of digital marketing to build up the core concept and understanding of how it works. Prepare yourself for a rewarding career in the digital marketing industry with the gained knowledge.


If you are a professional and looking to enhance your profile then this course is the right choice as a first step in upscaling your profile.


Fresh graduates who are looking to make an entry in IT world this course would be good start to make yourself stand apart from the crowd ,get your fundamentals strong.


At Felix, we create a learning environment that helps nurture our students in the core areas of digital marketing so that they can align and keep up with the current market requirements. The structure of our courses helps students understand digital customer behavior, build impactful digital marketing strategies, and get a comprehensive outlook of the digital marketing ecosystem. With the help of a dedicated teaching structure and industry knowledge, our training sessions are designed to expand students’ knowledge base while enabling them to successfully apply the principles of Digital Marketing in real-life scenarios.


  1. Marketing Strategy Foundations

You will start off with the programs that outline the basics and core topics of Digital Marketing. These courses are designed to give you a holistic perspective and learning experience of the marketing concepts such as understanding your audience and studying customer behavior,  identifying and creating digital strategies, brand positioning, mobile marketing, and analyzing web analytics. You’ll also get to learn one of the most important concepts of digital marketing which are commonly referred to as SEO marketing. This will include mastering different SEO tools, identifying effective keywords, and defining customer personas and their journeys. Once you master these you will be able to create compelling content that can effectively connect with your audience and make your digital marketing successful.

Understanding Your Customers: Defining customer personas and analyzing their customer journey can help create customer-centric marketing collateral and ensure successful customer engagement.

Essentials of Copywriting: Learn all the essentials to persuasive copywriting and get hands-on practice with real industry live projects.

Effective Research: Learn how you can apply both qualitative and quantitative research data into your digital marketing messaging and strategy.

  1. Attracting & Engaging Audiences

As we know any brand’s identity is directly connected to its digital presence, it becomes essential to be aware of how to utilize the search engines. Therefore, this course will help you understand the importance of engaging with your targeted audiences and identify the difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that you can use this to its fullest potential. You will also get to learn the concept and aspects of Google Ads and effective keyword research that will empower you to create and design some of the most engaging ads for your brand.

Effective SEO Strategies: Understand and apply your knowledge on how search engines work and receive training on Google’s Keyword Planner to identify keywords that are more likely to reach consumers interested in your products or services.

Targeted Traffic With Paid Search: Get guidance on how you can create a strategy for Google Ads which will include Pay-Per-Click, display, organic and retargeting ads, ensuring they resonate with your brand’s marketing goals.

Websites & Landing Pages: Discover how your website and landing pages can help you increase conversions and incorporate strategies for both SEO and Google Ads.


  1. Digital Marketing Analytics

Data is every business’ fuel and every marketing campaign that you run generates such detailed information. So it’s very important to collect, analyze and harness this data that you receive as Digital Marketing Analytics. In this Digital Marketing course, we will provide you with a roadmap to help you study the main areas such as competitive landscape analytics, customer behavior analytics, performance analytics, and predictive analytics. This will help you make the most of data-driven insights and use the same to create and optimize your marketing strategy.

Importance of Analytics in Digital Marketing Strategy: Get in-depth knowledge of how to leverage and utilize analytics gathered from marketing campaigns so that you can measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

Analyze and Leverage Critical Marketing Reports: Learn about the sources or tools like Google Analytics- how to use it, how to analyze the key audience, acquisition, and behavior reports.

Integrate Digital Analytics: Learn how to set up your analytics tools which can be done through social media accounts, ads, websites, and those of your competitors.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach your prospects and customers as most of your consumers are already on social media. With the help of this course, you will discover the possibilities and capabilities of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, etc. You will also learn the principles and strategies of how to create highly optimized and quality paid ads on all social media platforms that will help drive leads and sales.

Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing Strategy: Know the differences between organic and paid ads, compare social networks, and how effectively you can apply online digital marketing strategies to the social media environment.

Social Media Platform Breakdown: Analyze and identify the unique capabilities of each platform and understand how each user behaves and engages with the respective platform. Learn more about the usability, the different ad formats, and how to create effective content for each social media platform.

Influencers & Social Media Planning: Get a peek into the influencer marketing side, understand its benefits, and how to go about budgeting and planning your social media marketing in this arena. You’ll also receive guidance on how to finalize a platform, select the right set of influencers, how to categorize them, and approach them to market your product or service.


  1. Email Marketing

This is one of the most in-demand skills in the digital marketing industry. In this course, you will learn how to create an email marketing strategy that can help drive digital marketing goals and grow your business. Master the fundamentals of email marketing that will cover the process of building email lists and email marketing campaigns, writing clear and concise business messages, and hands-on training using MailChimp and Hubspot.

Develop an Optimized Email Marketing Strategy: Analyze how specific email marketing can work best for your digital marketing funnel and develop strategies for different types of email marketing campaigns and their goals.

Explore Drip Campaigns: Learn how to build effective email drip campaigns for different digital marketing initiatives and inbound marketing strategies.

Job Prospects

Digital marketing is and will be one of the most trending skills in India and abroad. Marketing has been alive for more than a century and today, we are seeing a digital picture of marketing where businesses are adopting new techniques and tactics to attract, engage and retain customers. If you want to get a secure and creative job for a lifetime, digital marketing is the ideal profession you would choose. Companies of all sizes are hiring digital marketing professionals to transform their businesses. Get ready to unlock new opportunities for your bright future with Felix-ITs.

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