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Be a Full-stack
Programming Expert
with Python

Get to know Python programming language inside out, apply OOP principles to create scalable and rich applications and technology solutions. The extensive curriculum coverage in the courses conducted at Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Viman Nagar, makes Felix ITs the top choice for learning Python.

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Learn Python and kickstart your IT career

With Python, the list of potential opportunities just keeps growing. It delivers immense value in backend web development, application development, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence. Imagine the lucrative career options that open up to you after you have received intense coursework, and unlimited hours of practical experience when learning Python scripting at Felix IT. With huge syntax flexibility and English- like scripting, Python is often the first choice of programming language to learn for new students entering into the world of technology and software development

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Program Highlights

We have designed course to impart wide varied concepts in Python programming, and its relevant applications. The curriculum is devised by active professionals who are working in top positions in the software development and technology industry " Learn end to end concepts including OOP programming principles, test- driven development, and wheroku hosting of web apps. " Develop full stack apps and tech solutions using Python " Learn complex functions, be confident using core features like arrays, lists, looping, functions, and branching Here are excerpts of our program highlights:
  • 1-on-1 training interactions with top professionals
  • Learning programming fundamentals along with basic and advanced coding
  • Live projects and personalised training support
  • 100% job assistance
  • Detailed training and creative coding
  • Competitive exercises and assignments
These factors put together will make our python training courses more effective for you.
Get Mentored one to one by experienced developers
Our developers will guide you on every step ,our mentored courses is one of our USP.
Hands on Learning - develop and learn
you would be developing many real life apps as you learn which will help you gain confidence in development
Get Career Assistance & Guidance
our career counsellor will help you build your profile ,your GitHUB ,linkedin profiles ,update your resume, mock interviews & Machine Test , we will help you find right job and guide you in every steps


" Working professionals who want to learn the underlying scripting that powers advanced concepts like robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning " New beginners would love to go through this course and will be able to grasp Python faster than any other language

IT Professionals
If you are a professional and looking to enhance your profile then this course is the right choice as a first step in upscaling your profile.
Entry Level Developers
Fresh graduates who are looking to make an entry in IT world this course would be good start to make yourself stand apart from the crowd ,get your fundamentals strong.


per week
10 Demo Apps
learn by developing Apps


With hundreds of hours of hands-on coding, the team at Felix ITs believes in hardcore practical experience to be provided to students throughout the duration of the course. The teaching staff at Felix comes from diverse technology background and carry a vast collective experience. As an outcome, only the most relevant topics that are demanded in the actual jobs are covered for students wishing to learn Python in an interactive environment.



Python setup: 
Python IDE: 
Python Operators: 
Arithmetic Operator: 
Comparison Operator: 
Assignment Operator: 
Bitwise Operator: 
Membership Operator: 
Identity Operator: 
If Statement If Else Statement : 
Break & Continue Statement: 
For Loop While Loop : 
Home Assignment: 
Home Assignment: 
File Operation: 
Readin ,writing, upending.


  • Good coverage of topics. IT is broken down into sub-sections so that we can easily digest the course content. Just thinking if we can be introduced to advanced concepts like Raspberry Pi using Python? I will definitely score the course 8.5/10

    Prajakta, Kelkar, Nashik

  • This is a great course for beginners like me who do not have programming experience. We were explained about the concepts in a clear manner, and once the foundation was laid, learning the more advanced concepts became easy, thanks to Felix. I am already applying to great job positions to start my career in IT, and my Python knowledge has become a great plus point on my CV.

    Rohan Rohit,Pradhan, Pune



Companies like Walt Disney, Yahoo, and Nokia place a great emphasis on Python as a necessary skill. It is no wonder that the year on year job demand growth has been the highest for Python. In New York, Python programmers make an average of 3,50,000k per year, making it a very rewarding career profession worldwideOur Python development course will help you explore the following career opportunities:
  • web App developers
  • Python App developer
  • API Solution Designers
  • backend Engineers


Prospects Of Python Developers


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Welcome to Felix ITs! You will surely have a lot of queries while going through our course modules. Check out these FAQs and find targeted answers to your queries.
Can a beginner opt for this course?
Yes, if you have a passion to make a name in Software development, you can enroll for this course. Python is proven to be the most beginner- friendly scripting language. Hence, it will prove to be a confidence- booster for beginners who do not have prior coding experience
Is there any prerequisite to joining the course?
No, all you need to enroll is have a fire within you to emerge as a full stack developer after completing this course. .
Can we learn about network programming in the course?
Yes, we cover low- level networking to access basic socket support. We also cover libraries that drive high- level networking like FTP, HTTP, and other transmission protocols.
What is covered in this course?
We start from the basic concepts like OOP principles, variable types, modules, functions, and syntaxes. We also cover advanced concepts like classes, objects, regular expressions, networking, multithreading, and GUI programming
Is Python relevant today?
Python was never as relevant as it is today. With new technology drivers like artificial intelligence robotics, machine learning, and data analytics all dependent on Python, it is a great career move to learn Python and stamp your mark in the corporate world
If you are looking for the top Python training in Pune, Kothrud ,Viman Nagar , Pimpri-Chinchwad, and Mumbai, Felix ITs will prove to be a reliable training partner for your career aspirations.


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