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UI UX Design Program Details

You may be a beginner intrigued with this constantly evolving career field or you want to expand your skillset in the UI/UX design field to achieve better opportunities; Felix-ITs UI/UX design course can help you. Let’s achieve your dreams and become successful! Enroll in our elaborate yet interactive courses to build a strong foundation about the subject and get the hands-on experience of designing your first ever App!

Learn all the skills
in our Mobile App UI/UX Design Principles From Scratch course

01 Intro to UX Design

Designing Like a UXer

Go through the building blocks of the entire UX design process while completing your very first app.

Topics will be cover such as: Origin of UX, Why UX Design is important, User Centered Design, The UX Process

Principles of User-centered Design

Learn what User-centered Design (UCD) is and how it’s used to meet the goals of any business. Understand the design thinking process and learn how to approach your user and assist with their problems.

Topics covered: Usability and its importance, Key principles of user-centered design, How to maximize usability, Aligning design to business needs, and End-to-end UX process.


02UX Immersion

Thinking Like a UXer

Study user-centered design and the Design Thinking process as you learn how to approach your users and their problems.

Topics will be cover such as: Requirement Gathering, Contextual Inquiry Prepare Questionnaire, Interviews - Stakeholder, User Survey (Quantitative Data), Strategy, Critic

Understanding the User

Get inside the heads of your users via UX techniques and create your own personas, mental models and user flows.

Topics will be cover such as: User Research, Personas - Mental Model, Needs, Wants, Empathy Mapping, Competitive Analysis, Customer Journey Map


Foundational Design

Navigate the ins and outs of information architecture and build your first wireframes and prototypes.

Topics will be cover such as: Brainstorming and Affinity Mapping, Mindmap, Card Sorting, User Scenarios, Task Flows/User Flows, Information Architecture, Sitemap, Colour Theory, Font Theory, Laws of UX, Conceptual Model, Paper Sketch, Design System Depth and Motion

Usability Testing

Put your designs to the test in front of real users.

Topics will be cover such as: Usability Testing, What goes into Usability Testing, What comes out from Testing, Heuristic Analysis, A/B Testing, MVT Testing, Ethnography


Refining the Design

Sharpen your eye for aesthetics and jazz up your designs with tried-and-tested UI fundamentals.

Topics will be cover such as: Accessibility Guidelines (W3C) Disability Types, Accessible Gadgets, Innovations for Disable People, Design Trends

End-to-End Design

Polish your design and whip up a killer portfolio that shows off your personal brand to the world.

Topics will be cover such as: Human Abilities, Memory Management Cognitive Load, Mental Model and Representation.

03 UI Mastery

The program comes with three final modules to choose from, allowing you to specialize in a complementary skill to the UX process. We found that including this feature sets our graduates apart from other new UX designers entering the field. You can also opt to take more than one specialization (for an additional fee).

UI for UX Designers

Turn yourself into a one-person wonder by adding UI expertise to your list of skills — a sure way to stand out from the crowd.

Topics will be cover such as:Android Design Overview, Apple Design Overview, Website Design Overview.


Course Requirements

- B2 level in written and spoken English

- A computer (Mac or PC)*

-An internet connection

*Tools that are compatible for both Mac and PC are recommended throughout the program—where there is a recommended tool for a p articular type of computer that you don’t have, we’ll suggest alternatives and provide resources for these users. You can find out what tool discounts you’ll receive on our Perks page.

I found the curriculum excellent. Even from before the course itself began, I found the course prep section really helpful. I really liked that there was a great balance between theory and practical applications and really have to congratulate on the structure of the course, building as it does from an intro to the tools and moving onward on each task to more complex themes. The platform I found really easy to use, intuitive and nicely designed.

Rishabh Rai

Build an impressive portfolio

Each of the three projects that you’ll complete spans multiple parts of the UX design process and will provide you with a rich array of portfolio pieces to showcase to potential employers. These include everything from user personas to your first pencil wireframe sketches, usability testing plans, and final, polished, high-fidelity designs.

See a few of our graduates’ portfolio projects below

Learn the tools you’ll use daily as a UX designer

We make sure students gain experience with best-practice tools, but our UX Design Program is more than just technical tutorials — it's teaching you how to think, see, act and work like a designer.

Felix ITs' also has deals with many of the industry’s top software providers, meaning you’ll have access to discounts and free trials for industry-standard tools such as: Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, Invision and Axure.

Benefits of Joining..

Follow a flexible pace

There are no live tutorials or webinars and you’re not required to be online at specific times. You'll have access to the course material in written form along with supplementary videos, and you'll work through the lessons in your own time, with your Tutor and Mentor reviewing them as you go.

Work towards project milestones

Your daily/weekly schedule might differ due to the variety of your coursework and your other commitments. Even though the program is flexibly paced, you still have a 10-month deadline with interim milestones.

Get support & accountability

Both our own research and the advice we receive from former students tell us that the key to doing well and completing the program on time is submitting tasks regularly. We'll help you stay on track by providing you with a progress and time meter, plus regular check-ins from your dedicated Student Advisor. If you need to take a break for vacation or sick days, this can be discussed with your Student Advisor—they're always there to help!

Take a free webinar and decide if it’s right for you

You can take our free 6-day – Ui/UX Design Short Course to get started, wherein you’ll learn –

The steps to becoming a job-ready designer from a beginner

The options in the job market and salary expectations

Whether or not this career is the best fit for you

You may also get in touch with our program advisors for a free consultation. You need not worry, you will not be pressured into taking the decision. Our goal is to ensure you make a fully informed decision.