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interactive Curriculum

We enhance knowledge assimilation through interactive learning


Emphasis on core industry exposure to ensure your career success

Qualified Professionals

Only the best of minds to dispense education as it should be done

Up-to-date module

Stay relevant; learn only what the world prefers and customers demand

Professional Assistance

We are there for you whenever you need our professional support.

Teaching the fundamentals: a step-by-step process
The thing that distinguishes Felix-ITs from other mobile application training institutes is that our main focus lies in providing in-depth knowledge of key concepts to our participants. We aim to mould expert professionals by following a step-by step training process. Each of our courses is designed in a way that begins with the basics of mobile application technology, moving to the most advanced concepts, with every step
Smaller Class Size
Smaller class size facilitates effective learning. Hence, no class of ours has more than eight participants at a time. This helps us to provide an active and relaxed environment to our students who feel comfortable to interact with the trainers and ask queries or doubts freely.
Approach to Training
As development training is not complete without practical knowledge, lab sessions succeed every theory class. This allows our participants to receive hands-on experience of using new APIs, language features, etc. as soon as they learn about them in the lecture class.   We provide our students with real-world experiences. The practical sessions expose them to the real-world problems so that they learn to apply what they have learnt in the theoretical sessions and understand the relevance of these concepts. Along with the basics, we also make it a point to cover some of the trickier aspects of real-life mobile development.   Our training programs are designed in such a way that our participants are fully adept to face the actual challenges of mobile development. We minimize the struggles they may face by providing complete insight of possible problems and best practices.
Our excellent faculty is definitely our USP. Each of the trainers at Felix-ITs is an active practitioner with years of experience in this field. We have hand-picked from the best in the industry. All our trainers have a thorough understanding of the specialized concepts and have the knowledge to offer precise assessments of the positives and negatives of every solution. They share the real-world problems they have faced during their work and the solutions for them in great detail, making the training sessions a rich and valuable experience.