Android App Development in 2021 – Trends Every Developer Should Be Aware of

We entered the second month of the next year of what we saw as a nightmare. But this nightmare; the year 2020 left some trends in the way we live, work, and even breath.

We were all stuck to our devices and became dependent on the most favorite things on the screens – the apps!

Both the Android and iOS app markets were flooded with new and engaging apps that people loved in 2020. Yet, Android Playstore experienced a massive hit with new and trending apps that were nudging the call of the future.

Android has come a long way since 2008, with primary apps like calculators, today, we can just scan the calculation and get the result or more advanced than this.

If you are an Android developer or planning to become one, here are some trends you should be aware of in 2021.


Android Instant Apps

Using Google Play Instant, Android app users can simply try an app or game without installing it. As Instant Apps don’t need you to download the apps, they can be tested as a website and can be tested directly from the cloud. And hence, these apps leave more free space on your device.

These applications take out the messiness of pointless apps on your phone. Google has as of late dispatched a few new features for Android app developers to make it simpler to create more modest apps that download quicker allowing testers to try out a new app without even installing it.

The Android App Bundle, a new app publishing format from Android is a new stage for offering a Google Play Instant experience quickly and smoothly.


If you want to let layout transitions and complex motion work together, MotionLayout is the way to go.

MotionLayout oversees motion and widget animation in your application. It accompanies a mix of highlights between the property animation system, TransitionManager, and CoordinatorLayout.

As a feature of the ConstraintLayout library, MotionLayout can be accessed as a help library and is in reverse viable to API level 14.

Independent of unpredictability or greatness, MotionLayout is explanatorily describing transitions in XML.


Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are parts of enterprise mobile app development designed to reduce a mobile app’s slowness.

The outstanding development of mobile application development accompanies certain assumptions about the quality of mobile applications. It is pointed not exactly at the security and safety of the app however permits effective data exchange over devices.

Kotlin Multiplatform

Kotlin Multiplatform libraries permit reusing the multiplatform logic in common and stage explicit code. Backing for multiplatform coding is a key advantage that limits time spent composing the code for frequently conflicting and various stages while using the adaptability and advantages of native development.


As compared to 4G technology, 5G gives remarkable speed and performance which is incomprehensible. With the speed of 100 GBPS, 5G enhances data transmission to create an elite and rich application to improve business execution.

Chatbots/Google Assistant

2021 is prepared to observe substantial demand for chatbots. All things considered, chatbots are changing the way in which businesses are interacting with clients and providing them solutions. A few ventures, for example, on-demand services, for example, food delivery, just as eCommerce and retail, are bringing Chatbots to their platforms.

Also, chatbots are changing the way businesses communicate with their customers with the use of mobile devices. Chatbots empower mobile app services to react to clients’ requests and concerns quickly.

On-demand applications

The pandemic has changed individuals’ lives eventually, bringing about the high demand for on-request applications. Directly from medical services, travel, retail, hotelling, basic food items, and a few businesses are utilizing on-demand applications to meet their intended target group.

Android Apps Architecture

Google’s guidelines of architecture characterize the procedures in building an Android application and prescribed architecture to create elite and vigorous applications. Android app architecture parts work as a good start to build stable apps. With Architecture segments, android developers can create applications with less code and concentrate more on the code that makes the application one of a kind.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Android application development is moving forward with the combination of AR/VR as a fundamental element. One of the latest AR technology finding and emulating visual features is Visual Positioning Service (VPS) which works the best in users’ surroundings.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is improving as Android development is leaping. Some of the features include image labeling, landmark recognition, barcode scanning, automatic character recognition, etc. AI features in Android devices are enriching the experience of users and providing them a fantastic user experience.

2021 is a year for Android developers to work on these features and before working, it’s time for them to learn these features.

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