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Full Stack Web Development with React

Create end-to-end web and hybrid mobile solutions. Learn React in a way it's meant to. Learn front-end and hybrid mobile applications with server-side support for utilizing a multi-platform solution. The initial level in this Full Stack React course covers front-end systems: Bootstrap 4 and React. On the server-side, you'll figure out how to carry out NoSQL databases utilizing MongoDB, work in a Node.js environment and Express framework, and communicate to the customer side through a RESTful API. Students joining up with this course are supposed to have earlier working experience on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will also get a chance to work on hands-on exercises, culminating in the development of an end-to-end application at the end. This course also includes a mini-Capstone Project where you’ll apply your skills to build a fully functional project. To start your career in ReactJS Full Stack Development, sign up with Felix-ITs.


90 Hours



Weekend Batch



undergraduate early-career mid-career

Our Locations: Pune, Mumbai

ReactJS Full Stack Development Training in Pune, Mumbai & More.

Want to explore a new way of building your app? This course is meant for you.

We start from the beginning when you enroll for this React Full Stack development course, right from “I don’t have any idea about React or Full Stack and why would I“ to fully understanding how React works and make it communicate with different technologies like Node JS. You will gain proficiency with all the logic and practice behind React in various modules of this course. We believe in practice and thus, you will be actually coding. After each important topic, we will try everything with projects. You will get an idea about React as we will travel through Servers and Databases, Redux, and deploying applications to creation.

At Felix-ITs, we are continuously exploring new ways to improve the learning experience by providing:

  • Experienced trainers with specialization in the IT industry with typical expertise in ReactJS
  • Well-equipped lab to train our students for practical
  • Assistance for interview & placement
  • Industry accepted certificate, skills, and experience.

Full Stack Development with ReactJS course is your chance to master the entire framework in the time it should take. With solid foundations, you will get all your work done with the right tools and best practices. Stop wasting your time on Google with unreliable sources of ReactJS and get your training done right with an updated syllabus. Enroll at Felix-ITs for a well-organized, thoughtfully designed Full Stack with ReactJS course.

What do you get with this ReactJS Full Stack Development Course?

You will get hands-on experience in Full Stack Development with ReactJS in both frontend and backend.

You will be learning:

  • Frontend


For Building the Interface along with:

  • js for server-side rendering, routing, and tooling
  • Styled Components for styling
  • The context for Managing Local State
  • Apollo’s React Hooks for interfacing with Apollo Client
  • Jest & React Testing Library for Testing


  • Apollo Client

For Data Management

  • Performing GraphQL Mutations (create, update, delete)
  • Fetching data via GraphQL Queries
  • Caching GraphQL Data
  • Error and Loading UI States
  • Apollo Client replaces the need for redux + data fetching/caching libraries
  • We will also train with Redux
  • Keystone.js

A Node.js based GraphQL Server + Headless CMS for:

  • Admin Interface to manage data
  • Provides a set of GraphQL CRUD APIs for a MongoDB or Prisma Database
  • Schema Definition
  • Data Relationships
  • Open Source + Self-hosted
  • Built with Node.js, React + Next.js
  • Implementing Query and Mutation Resolvers
  • Custom Server-Side Logic
  • Charging Credit Cards with Stripe
  • Sending Email
  • Performing Authentication
  • Managing + Checking Roles + Permissions
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Teaching The Fundamentals

What We Teach

Program Highlights

Learn the ReactJS Full Stack Development the Felix-ITs Way…

Here’s a quick look at our syllabus…

  • React Best Practices
  • Custom Hooks
  • Server-Side Rendering
  • Styled Components
  • Theming
  • Routing
  • GraphQL Schema
  • Queries and Mutations
  • Authentication
  • Resolvers
  • Cache Management
  • Loading and Error States
  • Sending Email
  • Logic and Flow with Async + Await
  • Authentication and Permissions
  • Charging Credit Cards
  • Hosting and Transforming Images
  • Pagination
  • Forms in React
  • Animations
  • Third-party React Components
  • Unit Testing
  • Mocking Components
  • Deployment

With this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn the whole React WebApp building process, from your pc to the server
  • How to deploy applications to services like Firebase and Heroku.
  • Learn what NODE JS is and How it works and create your own server
  • Work with NoSQL databases (Firebase, MongoDB, and Moongoose)
  • Learn how Redux works and apply it to a real-life application.
  • Learn the basics of Webpack

This course is recommended for you if you are a web application developer with previous Java programming experience. This course is suitable for you if you want to create enterprise-grade, scalable Java apps using powerful front tools such as AngularJS and Bootstrap together with popular back-end frameworks such as Spring Boot.


Our developers will guide you on every step ,our mentored courses is one of our USP.


you would be developing many real life apps as you learn which will help you gain confidence in development


our career counsellor will help you build your profile ,your GitHUB ,linkedin profiles ,update your resume, mock interviews & Machine Test , we will help you find right job and guide you in every steps

This Program Is Made For You

This Program Is Made For You

If you are a web developer with a will to expand your JavaScript, React, and Node skills along with GraphQL, this course is made for you. If you have a slight idea of React, you will be in a good shape. By basics, we mean components, state, props, modules, and event handlers.

Who can enroll?

  • Anyone with a basic degree in any stream
  • Anyone with a willingness to learn the whys and hows of GraphQL
  • Professional web developers who want to get better at JavaScript
  • JS developers looking to advance their skills and career
  • Bootcamp Graduates (see the FAQ for a student discount!)
  • Front End Devs looking to go Full Stack
  • Existing Node.js developers looking to learn how GraphQL works with Node
  • Anyone who wants to get better at JavaScript and learns well from seeing both


If you are a professional and looking to enhance your profile then this course is the right choice as a first step in upscaling your profile.


Fresh graduates who are looking to make an entry in IT world this course would be good start to make yourself stand apart from the crowd ,get your fundamentals strong.


It’s fun, it’s promising and it will never be boring. All our trainers are from the IT industry itself and our course creators have vast experience in the field. We have tried to enter into a holistic learning environment where you will not only learn the basics along with theory but you will be developing your own application at the end of this React Full Stack development course. While you sincerely give efforts at learning, we make sure our friendly industry tie-ups will provide you with the job which should be an ideal goal for you.


Introduction and Setup

  • Tooling and Starter Files Setup
  • The Tech Stack Explained

Learning Next.js

  • An intro to Next
  • Creating a Page Layout Component
  • Creating our Header and Nav Components

CSS and Styled Components

  • An Intro to Styled Components and CSS
  • Global Styles, Typography, and Layout Styles
  • Visualizing Route Changes
  • Fixing Styled Components Flicker on Server Render

Server Side GraphQL Development

  • Setting up MongoDB
  • An Intro to GraphQL
  • Setting up Keystone and Typescript
  • Creating our first User data type
  • Adding Auth to our Application
  • Creating our Products Data Type
  • Uploading Product Images
  • Creating two-way data relationships in Keystone
  • Inserting Seed Data

Client-Side React + GraphQL Development

  • Setting up Apollo Client
  • Fetching Data with hooks and Displaying it in our Front End
  • Fixing and Styling the Nav
  • A real good lesson in React Forms and Custom Hooks
  • Hooking up our File input and Form Styles
  • Creating Products via our Mutations
  • Refetching Queries after a Successful Mutation
  • Programmatically Changing the Page after product creation
  • Displaying Single Items, Routing, and SEO

Working with Mutations

  • Updating Items
  • Using useEffect to deal with a tricking loading state issue
  • Deleting Products
  • Evicting Items from the Apollo Cache


  • Pagination Links
  • Pagination Dynamic Routing
  • Adjusting our Query for Pagination Values
  • Custom Type Policies and Control over the Apollo Cache

User Registration + Authentication

  • Querying The Current Use
  • Creating a Sign In Component
  • Creating a Sign Out Component
  • Creating our Sign Up Flow
  • Password Reset – Requesting a Reset
  • Password Reset – Setting a new Password
  • Password Reset – sending the email

And much more…

Job Prospects

Full-stack development with ReactJS is on the rise. With no doubts, it's a milestone in the technology sector. This technology is recognized for a skilled team and experienced full-stack developers are more effective than a team of specialists who work on different layers of an application. You will be a necessary presence in the development team that effectively bridges front-end and back-end engineering.

Job Guarantee
We know how getting a dream job means for every human being. Especially when it comes to the IT industry, thousands of people enter into the industry or change their jobs every day around the world.
This is why we guarantee that you will get a job within 6 months after you complete the course. We have career specialists at Felix-ITs where they will guide you through the career support for 6 months after the completion of this course. This job guarantee applies to this course if you opt for our job guarantee track.

Success Stories

Onkar Nene

Android Developer

I am Onkar Nene, completed my Android application development training from Felix IT system, which is one of the best training, placement, and development company in Pune. Personally, I would like to thank u Felix IT system for providing me such professional training on android and placement in Effective Digital as an android developer. Thanks, Felix for giving me a great opportunity and platform.


iOS Development

First of all I would like to say Thank You to Felix Team.

I have recently been placed in one of the top mobile application development company OMNIBRIDGE Systems ..In Felix-its Institute, I got cream knowledge of iOS. As well as learned, how to behave at personal and professional level. And, It will be helpful in my future. I personally thankful to Felix IT team, they encouraged me at every stage. And also, thankful of Felix Team, they always their to support me. Felix ITs provides best iOS training in Pune !!

Wish you all the best !!! Thank You!


Android Developer

Hi my name is Priya Shrivastava.I completed my training in Android Application Development from Felix IT’s and I have been placed at Idris Automation.

It was a wonderful experience here at Felix.I got to learn much more about the technology.Felix gave me an excellent platform for learning application development.I specially want to thank Jai sir and the entire Felix team for all their inputs that helped me commencing my career in Mobile Application Development industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have prior experience on UI/UX?

Sure do! You will receive a certificate that is accepted in the industry and further can be used for various applications you want to. You can apply for a dream job in the IT industry.

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