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Joint initiative by Garje Marathi
and Felix IT Systems

Empower Your Ambition:
MERN Stack Developer Program

Bridging the Gap: From Classroom to Career

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Program Highlight

Join our training in MERN Full Stack Development to get ready for a great job in tech. This course, a collaborative collection by Garje Marathi and Felix, teaches you all the tech skills you need and how to communicate well, making sure you stand out in the tech job world.

Program Overview

Course Duration

6 months

Program Cost

Total program cost is INR 72,000 inclusive of comprehensive training in MERN Full Stack Development and specialized communication training, subject to an 18% GST

New Batch Alert!

15 April 2024

Weekdays, weekend batchs available

Easy payment options

Start Your Journey with Ease: Pay only 50% to begin your course, and kick off your learning adventure.

Finish Paying When You Get a Job: The rest of your course fee is due only after you find a job, showing how much we believe in your success.


Introduction to MERN Stack
Overview of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js

Front-end Development with React.js
Introduction to React.js and JSX

Back-end Development with Node.js & Express.js
Setting up Node.js and Express.js

Database Management with MongoDB
Introduction to NoSQL databases and MongoDB

Integration and Full Stack Development
Connecting React front-end with Node.js back-end

Advanced Topics in MERN Development
Best practices, coding standards, and project structure

Project Work and Portfolio Development
Building a full-stack MERN application from scratch

Payment Schedule

25% of the program fee is due from the student at the start of the training.

An additional 25% is funded by GMG at the commencement of training.

The remaining 50% is payable by the student once they secure employment.

Additional Benefits: Enhance Your Career Prospects

Communication Sessions: Speak with Confidence

In today’s collaborative work environment, effective communication is as crucial as technical skills. Our program includes dedicated communication sessions to:

  • Enhance your ability to articulate technical concepts clearly and confidently.
  • Improve your presentation skills, ensuring you can stand out during job interviews and team meetings.
  • Boost your interpersonal skills, preparing you for a seamless integration into any professional setting.

Placement Assistance: Your Bridge to the Tech Industry

Our placement process is designed to maximize your employment opportunities through:

  • Complete 2 Projects
  • Complete Tasks
  • Clear Technical Round
  • Get a Job!

A student’s Full Stack Development journey

Shape Your Career with Our Comprehensive Journey

Select Project

Choose your project topic and start the project with our project-based learning approach

Complete UI and Create Database

Complete the frontend of your project and prepare its database

Complete Backend

Create API’s required for your project

Get your Project reveiwed

After completing the project, get it approved by your mentor

Upload to Github

Upload your created project on Github

1st project Completed

After uploading, present your project to your mentors and your 1st project will be completed!

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Course Completion Certificate

Award Yourself for Your Hard Work

Proudly display your certificate and show the world what you have accomplished with our program.

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Anyone eager to dive into web development is welcome! Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our program is designed to elevate your skills to industry standards.

A basic understanding of programming concepts is helpful but not mandatory. Our program covers everything from the ground up, making it accessible to all motivated learners.

The program spans several months, providing a comprehensive understanding of MERN Full Stack Development. Check our program details for the exact duration.

Yes, graduates receive a joint certificate from Garje Marathi and Felix IT Systems, recognizing their competence and readiness for the tech industry.

With our flexible fee structure, you start by paying only 50% of the course fee. The remaining fee is due after you've successfully secured a job.

Absolutely! Hands-on projects are a core part of the curriculum, ensuring you gain practical experience and a portfolio to show potential employers.

We offer unmatched support in your job search, from resume advice to interview preparation, ensuring you’re not alone until you land a job.

Yes, we believe in developing well-rounded developers. Our program includes communication sessions to bolster your ability to work in teams and articulate your ideas effectively.

You can apply directly on our website. Fill out the registration form, and we'll guide you through the next steps.

A joint venture between
Garje Marathi and Felix IT Systems.