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Digital Marketing with AI Certificate Course

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Harnessing AI-Powered Tools and Techniques to Drive Digital Marketing Excellenc

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    Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level

    Unlock Your Marketing Potential with Digital Marketing Expertise

    With our seasoned industry experts and comprehensive curriculum, you'll delve deep into the world of digital marketing. Whether you're an experienced marketer aiming to broaden your expertise or a newcomer eager to learn, our course caters to all levels.

    Problem solving skills

    Design fundamentals

    Career advancement

    Industry best practices

    Career Opportunities

    Discover and unleash the potential of your future by exploring the plethora of exciting career opportunities available to you

    Digital Marketing AI Engineer

    AI-enhanced SEO Specialist

    AI-powered Digital Campaign Manager

    AI-driven Marketing Strategist

    Digital Marketing Analyst

    Discover the Fundamentals of Marketing with Our Comprehensive Course!


    Understand the core principles of digital marketing and its evolution.


    Learn how AI is utilized in market research and gathering consumer insights.


    Understand how AI impacts search engine algorithms and SEO strategies.


    Discover how AI is used in social media listening, automated posting, personalized advertising, and influencer marketing.


    Our curriculum is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the course
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing and AI

      • Overview of Digital Marketing
      • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Marketing
      • Importance of AI in Digital Marketing
      • Trends and advancements in AI and Digital Marketing

    • Understanding AI Technologies

      • Basics of Artificial Intelligence
      • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
      • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
      • Computer Vision
      • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
      • Predictive Analytics & more

    Features of the course

    4 months curriculum

    Get a robust 4-month curriculum that covers all the essentials of the course

    Unlimited Mentoring

    Get mentoring from industry experts to guide you every step of the way

    Build Your Projects

    Build an impressive portfolio of real-world projects to showcase your skills and stand out from the competition

    Placement Support

    Get dedicated placement support to help you land a job and kickstart your career

    A student’s Digital Marketing journey

    Shape Your Career with Our Comprehensive Journey

    Choose a Digital Marketing Scenario

    Select digital marketing scenario or problem that can benefit from AI integration

    AI Tool Selection and Integration

    Integrate AI-driven tools and technologies relevant to your chosen scenario

    Develop AI-Enhanced Strategies

    Analyze relevant data using AI algorithms to gain insights into consumer behavior

    Data Collection and Analysis

    Develop and implement AI-enhanced marketing strategies based on the data analysis

    Performance Monitoring and Optimization

    Monitor the performance of AI-driven marketing strategies, track key metrics.

    Documentation and Presentation

    Document the project process, and lessons learned.

    Student Work

    Our student work showcases the real-world application of the skills and techniques you will learn in our course. Get inspired and see what you can achieve with our program

    Our recent placements

    Our placement and success stories showcase the achievements of our students and the opportunities that are available

    Anushka Gunjal
    Engineer (Pre Felix)
    Software Developer (Post Felix)
    Working at
    Gourav Nikam
    Engineer (Pre Felix)
    Full Stack (Post Felix)
    Working at
    Swati Lodha
    Fresher (Pre Felix)
    Full Stack (Post Felix)
    Working at

    We are proud to have trained professionals who have gone to work at some of the biggest names in the industry

    Course Completion Certificate

    Award Yourself for Your Hard Work

    Proudly display your certificate and show the world what you have accomplished with our program.


    If you meet the below criteria, you are eligible to join our comprehensive course and start your journey to success!"

    • Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent industry experience.
    • Basic computer skills and proficiency in English.
    • Students or recent graduates interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing, AI, or related fields.
    • No prior experience required for beginners; the course starts from foundational concepts.

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    Development Basics

    1. How does AI help in digital marketing?

    AI in digital marketing uses data analysis to tailor content and ads, improving targeting and personalization. It predicts trends, segments customers, and automates tasks like emails and chat support. This boosts efficiency and returns on investment. Therefore, opting for digital marketing courses with AI is a brilliant idea.

    2. What are the advantages of pursuing digital marketing with AI course?

    Pursuing an artificial intelligence in digital marketing course offers several advantages. It provides people with advanced skills to use AI algorithms for analysing data, personalizing experiences, and automating processes. This boosts marketing effectiveness and return on investment (ROI). Moreover, the digital marketing with AI course helps learners stay ahead by showing new trends in the digital world.

    3. What role does AI play in content marketing?

    AI greatly impacts content marketing in several ways such as content creation, optimization, and distribution. It optimizes content creation and distribution through personalized strategies, improving SEO with tailored headlines and metadata. Meanwhile also predicting audience preferences and automating scheduling across multiple channels. All these are done based on content performance metrics. It is a great idea to go for digital marketing with AI course. Especially from a reputable digital marketing with AI institute in Pune such as Felix-ITs.

    4. What is the future of AI in digital marketing?

    AI in digital marketing will grow rapidly, enhancing personalized experiences, predictive analytics, and automating tasks. Thanks to precise targeting and real-time content optimization. This will help revolutionize marketing strategies on different platforms. The future seems bright so students can enter this promising field by studying artificial intelligence in digital marketing courses.

    5. How does AI impact SEO?

    AI affects SEO by helping marketers understand search intent and optimize content for keywords. Along with enhancing website user experience, and adjusting to search engine updates. AI tools analyze search trends and conduct a competitive analysis to find content optimization chances. Moreover, it also offers recommendations to improve website ranking and visibility in search engine results. Felix-ITs a digital marketing with AI institute in Pune offers the best digital marketing courses with AI to help you master both digital marketing and AI.