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The List of Interview Questions with its Motive behind Asking You in the Interview

Common questions are listed from which few are definitely asked, also mentioned why that question is asked with giving you the pointers which you should cover…each one is different and so I won’t tell you which answer you should give but rather I’ll tell which skill should be covered. Okay so as we are preparing on the questions asked in the interview let’s go back to the tradition of pen and paper to write down all the questions and answers.


1) Tell me about yourself:

As this is of utmost importance we have given a major focus to help you in having a first good impression, so covered everything in the blog that gives you the skills, the do’s and dont’s and what the interviewer is looking for in your answer.


2) Why should we hire you?

A tricky question which forces you to brag about yourself and tell them how good you are…I know that is very much awkward as we are not used to hearing good things about ourselves and moreover that we are saying it…I know that is tough but ye interview kya kya karwata hai humse.

The motive behind asking this question:

-The skill sets of the candidate

-How eager the candidate is to work with them

-If he/she is experienced then how that experience is going to help their company

-Hardworking ability and the go-getter attitude


As we get to know the crux of this question, draft an answer which covers your positives & this is the chance to show your qualities & skills.


3) Why would you like to work in our company?

To answer this self-obsessed question and Inhe vaise bhi khudki hi taarif sunni hai toh before drafting the answer go through the job roles which you are applying for and these roles are mentioned by the company, also go through the company social platforms to see what you actually like, it may be the work culture, it may be the people, it may the designation which you were looking for from a long time, it can be anything, so figure out that and elaborate it with your interests and skillsets.

The motive behind asking this question:

  • Your honesty with genuine answers
  • What do you actually like about the company
  • How much do you know about the company


4) What do you know about the company?

A question that can definitely come and you should read about the company you are applying to before stepping in for an interview. This will also help you to draft any answer on the question which will come to you in the interview as per their industry which makes sense as it becomes relevant.

The motive behind asking this question:

  • your interest in working with their company
  • your knowledge about the industry
  • how do you relate your knowledge with their industry
  • How enthusiastic you are to get the job
  • To see the efforts put on homework before coming to the interview

5) Why are you looking for a job change? 

If you are a 1+ experienced person then you can’t skip this question as it is definitely coming to you in your interview round. As mentioned before we are not here to tell which answer should be given to which question because that is not our part it completely differs from person to person. But especially for this question, we suggest you to be very honest on why you are looking for a switch or a job change. Mention the reasons why you are changing which will give them an idea about what are you looking for in this job and where will you fit rightly as per your mentioned areas.

The motive behind asking this question:

  • To see your honesty
  • Reasons for changing the previous job are relevant and justifiable or not


6) Tell me your role in your previous company 

Here is the area where you say answers as per the company requirement if you really want this job. There are multiple roles that we play under a single designation name while working in the company. No need to mention all the things which you did now the smart play here is to make the answer highlighting the points which are relevant as per their job roles which they have mentioned with the job vacancy ad.

The motive behind asking this question:

  • Your experience in the previous company
  • Your area of expertise
  • Where and how you can be an asset to their company


7) Where do you see yourself 5-10 years down the line?

I know we ourselves are clueless about this question then what to tell a stranger about what I’ll be doing after 5 years?…interviewer knows this self-doubt spot which we went right now and you don’t need to give any vague answers because that is not what they are looking for. They want to hear about how you speak in terms of your growth, not the designation and money. So giving answers like CEO or your company’s senior or XYZ place is definitely not going to work.

The motive behind asking this question:

  • How much do you believe in self-growth
  • How you measure and define success
  • Your vision about yourself


8) Tell me about the project you worked on during your education

Yeh question puchna toh banta hai, itne baar project report mai changes kiye, line mai sign krnvane ruke and vo binding pe paise kharcha kiye toh footage milna cahiye right?…

If this was a team project then with the project also define your roles and contributions to the project. There will few more questions asked on the basis of your answer, so prep up accordingly.

The motive behind asking this question:

  • Your contribution to the project
  • Your knowledge
  • To cross-check whether whatever you mentioned in your resume is in you or not


Questions on resume

When the interviewers get short on what to ask they immediately take a sneak peek in your resume and ask questions based on it so put everything which you are answerable for and not just to increase the size of your resume

The motive behind asking this question:

  • To get clarity and verify the authenticity of the pointers mentioned in the resume
  • To understand your knowledge of the pointers you mentioned.
  • To know you more like your hobbies, extra curriculum activities, where you participated so on and so forth.


Hope you find all the reasons why the interviewer is asking that particular question and this is all you need to answer the questions with blending yourself & the company requirement in all your answers. Do comment if you find it valuable and helpful to prep up your scheduled interviews.

Wish you all the best buddy!


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