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Top IT Companies to Work for in Gandhinagar in 2024

Top 10 IT Companies to Work for in Gandhinagar in 2024

India’s IT sector is evolving, and Gandhinagar is at the forefront. Many IT companies are opening branches in the city due to its excellent infrastructure and supportive policies. Gandhinagar’s rise as an IT hub is fueled by its strategic location and skilled workforce, making it a key player in India’s digital growth and job creation.  

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Let’s take a look at one of the best IT companies in Gandhinagar to work for!  

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) 

TCS is a multinational IT services and consulting company with a large presence in Gandhinagar. They offer various IT solutions and services to clients across various industries. They are known for their work culture, global opportunities, and stability.  

Crucial Software and IT Park Private Limited 

A prominent IT company in Gandhinagar with over 25 years of experience. They offer a variety of IT solutions and software development services. They are known for their focus on customer satisfaction and hard work.  


eInfochips, an Arrow company, is a global leader in product engineering and semiconductor design services. They have developed over 500 products, with 40 million deployments in 140 countries. eInfochips drives technological innovation across multiple sectors, offering digital transformation and IoT solutions, including IoT security, on cloud platforms like AWS and Azure.  

Aegis Infoways 

Aegis Infoways, founded in 2004, specializes in software development, digital marketing, and online and mobile app development. Based in Gandhinagar, it serves various industries worldwide. With over 200 employees, Aegis Infoways has delivered high-quality turnkey solutions to more than 750 clients across the UK, US, Australia, Japan, Norway, and other countries. 


A prominent IT company in Gandhinagar, known for its software development expertise. They provide services in custom software development, web and mobile app development, and enterprise solutions. They have a good reputation for innovation and quality.  

DRC System 

DRC Systems is a software development company based in Gandhinagar, India. They specialize in creating custom web and mobile applications for businesses. Established in 2012, they’ve grown into a team of over 300 with their head office located in GIFT City, a prominent financial and business hub in Gandhinagar.  

Lucent Innovation 

Lucent Innovation, a software development company with a global presence, has a branch in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Established in 2018, they offer services like data science, web and app development, and software solutions for various industries. Their Gandhinagar office is located at Hiranandani Signature Tower in GIFT City.   

SmartSense Solutions 

SmartSense Solutions is a Gandhinagar-based company specializing in software development, particularly in Blockchain, Data Science, and Internet of Things (IoT). They offer solutions for smart offices, home automation, and mobile app development. With positive online reviews and a presence on job boards listing Gandhinagar positions, they appear to be a well-established tech company in the city.  

Xopple Infotech Pvt. Ltd 

Xopple Infotech, founded in 2018, is a leading software development company in Gandhinagar. They offer services like web design, mobile app development, and game creation. They boast a team of experienced developers and claim to prioritize client satisfaction. Their website highlights their reputation as a top IT employer in Gandhinagar.  

Accrete Infosolution Technologies 

Accrete Infosolution Technologies, founded in 2016, is a Gandhinagar-based software company offering web development and IT solutions. Their website lists mobile development and a commitment to using the latest trends. With a 4.5 star rating on Google, they seem to be a well-regarded tech company in Gandhinagar.  

Final Thoughts 

Gandhinagar is a rising IT hub with excellent infrastructure, top IT companies, and ample career opportunities. The city’s tech scene is enhanced by its rich culinary culture and tourist attractions, making it ideal for work and leisure. Continued growth will solidify its position as a leading IT destination in India. 

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