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Top DevOps Consulting Firms in Pune to Work For

Top DevOps Consulting Firms in Pune to Work For

Top DevOps developers in Pune collaborate across development and operations, enhancing disaster readiness and reducing failure rates. They manage diverse infrastructural needs, ensuring adaptability across industries. If you are interested in becoming a DevOps engineer then a DevOps course in Pune is the perfect option for you. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best organizations to work at as a DevOps engineer in Pune!  

Algoworks (Global DevOps & Product Development) 

This global leader offers consulting services alongside product development. They focus on streamlining operations and faster deployments, ideal for those who want to optimize development lifecycles.   


  • Established company with 10+ years of experience (according to their website). 
  • Expertise in web, mobile app development, and Salesforce & DevOps consulting. 
  • Proven track record with a portfolio of client projects (details might be limited). 
  • Potentially structured project management practices using Basecamp and Jira. 


  • DevOps might be a part of their broader service offerings, not the core focus. 
  • Project details specific to the Pune DevOps practice might be limited online. 
  • Work culture and employee reviews might be harder to find compared to larger companies.

Brainvire (DevOps, Web & Mobile App Development) 

With over 20 years of experience, Brainvire provides a comprehensive service suite. Their strong Fortune 500 client base offers opportunities to work on high-profile projects.   


  • Extensive experience (21+ years) across various IT domains. 
  • Proven track record with renowned clients (Walt Disney, Krispy Kreme). 
  • Large, experienced team offering diverse DevOps skillsets. 
  • Established training and development programs for employee growth. 


  • Might have a broader IT focus, with DevOps projects potentially being a part of a larger solution. 
  • A larger company structure could lead to less individual project ownership.

OrangeMantra (Digital Transformation & DevOps) 

A global leader offering DevOps solutions that bridge the gap between development and operations. They specialize in various digital transformation services, allowing you to work on diverse projects. 


  • Expertise in various domains including DevOps and cloud solutions. 
  • Focus on agile methodologies for efficient project delivery. 
  • Strong emphasis on client satisfaction with a proven track record. 
  • Global presence offering opportunities for international exposure. 


  • A larger company structure could translate to less flexibility in project selection. 
  • Potential for less hands-on experience due to a larger team size. 

Teleglobal International (Cloud & DevOps) 

A leading cloud consulting firm with expertise in Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud solutions. They partner with industry giants like AWS and Azure, giving you valuable cloud certifications and project experience. 


  • Strong cloud expertise with certifications in AWS and Azure. 
  • Offers comprehensive cloud consulting services, including DevOps integration. 
  • Caters to businesses of all sizes, providing scalability for project experience. 


  • DevOps might be part of a broader cloud service, potentially limiting pure DevOps focus. 
  • Project focus might lean towards cloud solutions, with less exposure to other DevOps tools. 

U-Net Solutions (Business Transformation & DevOps) 

U-Net combines business and technology expertise to help businesses grow. Their DevOps services focus on improving development and operations processes, allowing you to work on projects with a direct business impact.  


  • Potentially a mid-sized firm with a focus on core DevOps solutions in Pune. 
  • This could offer a more hands-on experience and closer collaboration with the team. 
  • Smaller company size might lead to a more flexible work environment. 


  • Limited information online makes research on company culture, project details, and growth opportunities difficult. 
  • Potential for fewer resources or benefits compared to larger companies like Algoworks. 
  • DevOps expertise and project variety might be narrower if they are a niche firm. 

PixelCrayons (IT Outsourcing & DevOps) 

This top-rated IT outsourcing company offers DevOps services to clients worldwide. Their experienced developers tackle diverse projects, providing a broad learning experience.   


  • It might be a mid-sized firm with a focus on web and mobile app development. 
  • This could involve DevOps practices integrated into the development lifecycle. 


  • Limited information online makes it difficult to assess their core DevOps expertise or project types. 
  • Company culture, growth opportunities, and specific focus on DevOps remain unclear. 

MicroGenesis TechSoft (DevOps as a Service) 

MicroGenesis emphasizes communication, collaboration, and automation while offering DevOps services. Their focus on the “as a service” model allows you to learn about managed DevOps solutions. 


  • Deep expertise in Atlassian tools, a popular DevOps platform. 
  • Offers consulting, implementation, and support services for various DevOps tools. 
  • Ideal for those seeking to specialize in a specific platform. 


  • Focus on Atlassian tools might limit exposure to a broader range of DevOps tools and methodologies. 
  • Project variety could be narrower compared to firms with wider DevOps expertise. 

Capgemini (Global Consulting & DevOps) 

This industry giant offers a wide range of DevOps services, including strategy, implementation, and managed services.   


  • Global presence and reputation. 
  • A diverse range of IT projects and exposure to cutting-edge technologies. 
  • Potentially good work-life balance policies and employee benefits. 


  • DevOps might be a smaller service within a vast IT portfolio. 
  • Projects in Pune might be more generic, with less focus on core DevOps. 
  • Finding specific details about the Pune DevOps practice might be challenging. 

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (IT & DevOps Services) 

As a world leader, TCS offers a customer-centric approach with expertise across industries. Their vast service portfolio allows for diverse project experiences. 


  • Large Indian IT company with a strong global presence. 
  • Extensive experience in various IT domains, potentially including DevOps. 
  • Established training programs and career development opportunities. 


  • Similar to Capgemini, DevOps might be a part of a broader IT offering. 
  • Project details specific to the Pune DevOps practice might be limited. 
  • Work culture can be fast-paced and demanding depending on the project.

Final Thoughts 

Becoming a DevOps engineer is a promising career choice in today’s tech landscape. By blending IT operations with software development to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Enrolling in a DevOps course in Pune at Felix-IT Systems offers a clear path to mastering essential skills like automation, continuous integration, and deployment. Felix-IT Systems ensures quality training that’s practical and easy to grasp, equipping you with the skills to manage complex infrastructures and foster team collaboration. With hands-on experience and guidance from industry experts, they prepare you to excel in pivotal roles essential for modern software development and operational success. 

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