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Full Stack Web Development Course with Angularjs in Ahmedabad

We present an innovative way to build web applications using Single Page Applications (SPA). This technology has spread rapidly since its original conception. Google's Angular JS framework has refined and simplified front-end development, primarily DOM manipulation. With Felix-ITs full stack developer classes in Ahmedabad, you can become an expert in building website applications from the ground up with AngularJS. An Angular JS developer is primarily a front-end software developer. However, they will have a mix of front-end and back-end technology specialized knowledge and solution stacks like mean and server-side techs like node JS and some other benchmark datasets to work with on hands-on projects. Sign up for Felix-ITs' full stack development training in Ahmedabad to kickstart your AngularJS full stack development career.


120 Hours



Weekend Batch



undergraduate early-career mid-career

Our Locations: Pune, Mumbai

AngularJS Full Stack Development Training In Ahmedabad

Google introduced Angular JS, a popular open-source front-end JavaScript framework. It provides the capability to include JavaScript and interactivity in their web pages. AngularJS provides a framework for broadening these web fundamentals by enhancing modular JavaScript code, which intuitively results in a faster and more streamlined development phase for programmers.

Once you enroll in the Felix-ITs’ full stack developer in Ahmedabad, you will be given the tasks to work on the demo as well as live projects. Apart from learning to write code through assignments, you will be provided the necessary guidelines to face interview sessions. We ensure that you learn the entire AngularJS course in a proper practical manner with our AngularJS online full stack training in Ahmedabad, allowing you to perform better on the job. Our AngularJS full stack developer classes in Ahmedabad with assured placement will help you get hired. Such facilities prompted our students to vote Felix-ITs the best full stack developer course institute in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

In addition to the aforementioned facilities, Felix-ITs’ full stack course in Ahmedabad allows you to explore more contemporary opportunities. The sole purpose of facilitating this is to provide a comprehensive learning experience. It comprises the following:

  • Adept trainers with industry-leading experience in AngularJS.
  • Several industrial assignments with well-equipped labs
  • Reliable practice sessions, as well as interview practice
  • Industry accepted certificate, aptitudes, and understanding.

You will have created a fully functional dynamic app by the end of our AngularJS Full Stack developer course in Ahmedabad. To start your journey as an Angular software developer in Full Stack, set up a Spring Boot development environment and build your RESTful services to undertake CRUD operations.

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Teaching The Fundamentals

What We Teach

Program Highlights

What do you get with this AngularJS Full Stack Developer Course in Ahmedabad?

  • Create your first Full Stack Application using Spring Boot and Angular.
  • Understand how to leverage Spring Boot to create distinguished RESTful APIs.
  • Learn and solve the difficulties of linking an Angular Frontend to a RESTful API.
  • Comprehend how to operate Spring Boot to join a REST API to JPA/Hibernate.
  • Learn Spring Boot starter projects such as Spring Boot Data JPA and Spring Boot Web.
  • Form a Todo Management Full Stack Application- including the login and the logout functionalities.
  • Learn how to secure RESTful APIs with Spring Boot and Spring Security.
  • Learn the basics of formulating authentic Frontend Applications with Angular.
  • Learn how and when to use Spring security to modify basic authentication and JWT.
  • Discover the fundamentals of Angular – Data Binging, Components, Angular Modules, and Routing.
  • Discover the best practices for creating RESTful web services.
  • Learn the mechanics of Spring Boot – Spring Initializr, Auto Configuration, and Starter Projects
  • Learn practical ways to use Spring Boot Actuator and Spring Boot Developer Tools.


Our developers will guide you on every step ,our mentored courses is one of our USP.


you would be developing many real life apps as you learn which will help you gain confidence in development


our career counsellor will help you build your profile ,your GitHUB ,linkedin profiles ,update your resume, mock interviews & Machine Test , we will help you find right job and guide you in every steps

This Program Is Made For You

This Program Is Made For You

Graduates, undergrads, and working professionals who want to work as full stack application developers and have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS are exemplary candidates for this full stack course in Ahmedabad.

Who can enlist in our full stack developer classes in Ahmedabad?

Undergraduates or Graduate students with a computer as the main subject – BE/B.Tech.(IT), BE/B.Tech. (Comp), BCA, BSc (Comp), BSc (IT), BCS with basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.

Postgraduate students – MCA, MCM, MSc (IT), MSc (Comp. Sci.) with basic knowledge of HTML & CSS

Experienced professionals with server-side framework knowledge.


If you are a professional and looking to enhance your profile then this course is the right choice as a first step in upscaling your profile.


Fresh graduates who are looking to make an entry in IT world this course would be good start to make yourself stand apart from the crowd ,get your fundamentals strong.


Our trainers and mentors at Felix-ITs have created a unique system and learning environment based on their years of work experience in skill development and the IT field. With over 5-20 years of training experience, they are here to help our students land the best jobs with the help of their industry contacts.


Learn the AngularJS Full Stack Development the Felix-ITs Way…

Here’s a quick look at the syllabus of our full stack developer course in Ahmedabad:

  • Introduction to Angular
  • Simple Angular Application
  • Angular 5 Build Automation
  • Angular Component Based Approach
  • Typescript Essentials
  • Component Life Cycle
  • Angular Directives
  • Angular Pipes
  • Extending Angular Framework
  • Angular Graphics Rendering
  • Angular Forms (FormModule)
  • Angular Service
  • HTTP Module
  • Rxjs Observables
  • Angular Routing Module (SPA)
  • Angular Testing
  • Current Trends in Progressive App Development

With this course, you will be able to:

  • Build a REST application with Spring Boot
  • Learn CRUD operations using RESTful endpoints
  • Build a single page application by using Angular JS and Bootstrap in Spring Boot
  • Secure REST APIs using Spring Security
  • Consume secured RESTful Services using Angular JS
  • Create a REST client by implementing a REST template to consume RESTful services
  • Test RESTful services using the Spring MVC Test Framework

This full stack Java developer course in Ahmedabad is recommended for people with an experience in web development and Java. This full stack developer course in Ahmedabad is for you if you want to form industry-grade, modular Java apps with extensive front-end tools like AngularJS and Bootstrap and distinguished back-end frameworks like Spring Boot.

Program Syllabus

Advanced objects and functionality in javascript

  • Basic Objects
  • Constructor Function
  • More on the Constructor Function
  • Object Properties
  • Deleting a Property
  • The instance of Operator
  • Constructor and Instance Objects

Introduction to AngularJS

  • What is AngularJS?
  • Why AngularJS?
  • Scope and Goal of AngularJS
  • Using AngularJS
  • Building Blocks of an AngularJS Application
  • Data Binding

AngularJS Module

  • What is a Module?
  • Benefits of Having Modules
  • Life Cycle of a Module
  • The Configuration Phase
  • The Run Phase
  • Module Wide Data Using Value

AngularJS Controllers

  • Controller Main Responsibilities
  • About Constructor and Factory Functions
  • Defining a Controller
  • Using the Controller
  • Controller Constructor Function
  • More About Scope

AngularJS expressions

Advanced view directives

Working with forms

Formatting data with filters in AngularJS

AngularJS $watch scope function

Communicating with web servers

Custom directives

Introduction to single-page application

The route service

Programmatic navigation

Advanced form handling

And much more…

Job Prospects

As an AngularJS developer, you will be in charge of creating modules and components and connecting them into a functional app. Currently, there is a high demand for software developers with AngularJS expertise. You will be responsible for formulating sleek, responsive websites that provide end-users with a smooth desktop-like experience.

Success Stories

Sarvpreet Nagi

Full Stack Developer

Good Institute. I had a very good tutor who taught everything very well along with what can be asked in interviews. I got a job through Felix-Its.

Roshni Bhirad

Full Stack Developer

I have Completed the Full Stack Development course from Felix IT Systems Pune. The way of teaching is very Interactive. The course content is better. One thing I have seen that they are more focused on Practical sessions. Also, Malik Sir is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and conveys his knowledge of complex material in a manner easily understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to do upon completing the Specialization as a Full Stack Developer with AngularJS?

After completing our full stack developer classes in Ahmedabad, you will be well-versed in the Angular Ecosystem, having learned the latest frameworks such as Angular, NativeScript, Ionic, and Node.js. You will be totally and utterly qualified to enter the field of web and hybrid mobile app development.

Do I get to work on any Live Projects?

Undoubtedly! We include a hands-on project throughout every online full stack training course in Ahmedabad that we offer. Before setting sail on your AngularJS Full Stack Development career, you must complete the project since this contains critical information on how to enter the industry successfully.

How much does a Full Stack Web Development Course in Ahmedabad cost?

Our full stack developer course fees in Ahmedabad are quite reasonable. This is done so that anyone interested in a lucrative job in full stack web development can acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Who should learn the Full Stack Web Development Course?

Students who are zealous about web development and computer science should matriculate in our full stack developer course in Ahmedabad.

What is the best way to learn full stack web development?

Enrolling in the best full stack developer course in Ahmedabad, which will teach you the academics as well as the practical skills, is the best way to learn full stack web development.

How do I become a full stack engineer?

To become a full stack engineer, enroll in a full stack developer course institute in Ahmedabad. With the necessary credentials, coaching, and mentoring, you can become a constructive full stack engineer and developer.

What skills are required for a full stack developer?

To become a full stack developer, you must be accustomed to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, databases, HTTP, DevOps tools, REST, and other technologies.

What is the future of a full-stack web developer?

Full stack developers are widely valued. Beginners in startups and established businesses can expect a long-term job with good pay.

What is the role of a full stack web developer?

A full stack developer has entire authority over a website’s front and backend. They provide complete website or application development and maintenance services.

Why should you do a full stack web developer Course in Ahmedabad with us?

Because our full stack developer course in Ahmedabad provides in-depth knowledge in both theories and practice, our students receive the best training and education. In addition, we provide mentorship and workforce development to assist our students in discovering suitable employment.

What is the fee structure for the full stack web developer courses in Ahmedabad?

Our full stack web developer courses in Ahmedabad are competitively priced. In addition, to assist our students, we offer additional loan assistance and flexible payment options.

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