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Give a boost to your user engagement philosophies with modern day intuitive UI/UX design services. Our app development company in Pune knows how critical is it to build a connection with users in order to augment bottom-lines. This is why we have a separate team that looks after the interaction, visual aesthetics, and overall experience provided by a mobile app. Turbo charge your customer engagement with our UI/UX expertise



Research on customer feedback and competitor analysis, in order to know the challenges and opportunism of your domain

Create user personas based on your target customers. This will enable us to plan user flow, usability, and navigation

Design low fidelity / high fidelity wire framing to get a first look of how the finished product would look,feel, and behave like

Design information architecture, flow, and user accessibility in order to let the products communicate well with the end app user

Bring together elements, icons, touch, swipes, gestures, images, buttons, taps, and hover as per the user persona, for ease of use

Gauge feedback on critical points like speed, navigation, ease of use, and user experience. Post this, finalize the UX


Brand consistency

Our UI/UX ensures to adhere to branding consistency with your corporate colors and themes. This way the user journey is seamless across devices, and provides a delightful UI/ UX experience upon use

Agile Methodology

The rapid prototyping and agile methodology helps us to factor in user feedbacks at various stage of development and thus remain flexible with seamless interaction within teams



The amount of time we at Felix ITs spend in the backend in mobile app development, we match it with an equal amount of time and efforts spent in enhancing the visual appeal of the front end. For us, our UI/UX expertise is a key reason that app users love our clients and keep coming back for more.

From user evaluation, screen flow diagrams, wire framing, and prototyping, to usability testing, beta audits, conversion rate optimization, and enhanced user engagement, we do all this and much more at Felix ITs. The apps designed by us manage to captivate user attention in an overcrowded app store with its unique and compelling presentation.


platform we work with


service Offerings

Interested to see how the customer journey will progress through multiple stages in the app? Then our wireframing experts are exactly what you need to see the blueprints before actual development happens. The diagrams, connectors, and arrows will help explain whether your vision is in alignment with our UI/UX domain expertise.
Designing the overall branding is one of the core competencies of the UI/UX services experts at Felix ITs. We make sure that everything from iconography and fonts to colors and logo matches your overall corporate culture and resonates well with your target audience.
Visual app design
Getting a full- fledged app developed entails substantial costs. This might come from investors or stakeholders. However, you would need a compelling use case that acts as your investment pitch. This is precisely where our visual app design capabilities come to the fore. The visual wireframes and IA will showcase the full customer journey thus increasing its influence in securing the actual app development budget approval.


We have designed many apps which have been highly appreciated in the industry ,we also give consulting solution to many of our clients to transform their business using mobile applications here are some apps from our portfolio.
An Linkedin like app for professional business group