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Is UI UX design the right career choice for me?

MAR 06, 2019

Are you not sure about investing in the UI/UX design? Are you wondering if you have the right background or if it’s worth having a career change or is it the right option for you? Guess, we are the answer to all your questions but not as a specific yes or no. Here, at Felix […]
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UI/UX Design – Trends And Career Prospects

JUN 20, 2016

Web development trends are fast evolving with every passing day. Today, there is equal focus on functionality and look and feel of a Mobile Apps & Website. This is exactly where specialists in UI/UX designs come in.They are skilled in elevating the overall user experience of the Mobile Apps ,website, making the App & website experience a truly unforgettable experience.
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Are you Qualified to be a UX Designer?

MAY 28, 2017

Before talking about the qualifications required by a UX designer, let us first skim through what exactly is UX designing. User Experience (UX) designing is the process of making a user friendly product for your target audience through a careful research on the frustrations, needs and wants of your consumer. UX design focuses on working […]
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What Are Companies Looking For In A Junior Android Developer?

JUL 18, 2016

Sometimes developers are needed to work on the back-end of a system. This may not be easy, as back-end technologies usually vary a great deal. However, once you have familiarised yourself with the syntax of the language and the architecture of the system with help of a reputed Android training classes in Pune, it won’t take long for you to develop back-end skills.
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Brilliant Opportunities Beckon Mobile App Developers

MAY 21, 2015

Our step into the 2nd quarter of 2015 has led to interesting trends in the mobile app development jobs landscape. The associated changes to the mobile app industry has fuelled a massive impetus to mobile app development today emerging as a favourable career option with rewarding benefits.
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Why One Should Learn Swift Programming Language ?

DEC 24, 2014

Apple devices have always been an extremely lucrative avenue for developers. Developing for iOS is one pie that most developers want their fingers into, and the exhaustive set of strictures, rules and high standards placed by Apple makes the platform not only a kind of elite, exclusive market, but also extremely challenging. Proficient developers love challenges, and iOS development has been a rapidly growing industry for many years.
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Advantages In Pursuing Mobile Application Courses

SEP 29, 2014

Mobile application development and testing are two fields that have seen immense growth in the past few years with the increase in popularity of smartphones. Due to this, there is an increased demand for mobile application developers and testers. If you are interested in being a part of the industry, getting a professional degree or a certification course would come to your advantage at your workplace. There are several mobile application testing and mobile app development courses in Pune.
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Career In Mobile Application Development

SEP 24, 2014

The mobile technology and smartphones have changed our times by altering our lives in the most convenient way. The impact of the penetration of mobile technology and smartphones is such that nearly most of our task ranging from banking to social networking can be conducted here. We all are aware of the mammoth growth of the sector and how it can lead to further innovations in how we conduct business. It is time that we march ahead to harness the reach of the phenomenon called mobile. Just to give you a brief idea,
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Mobile Application Development Requirement In India.

AUG 22, 2014

In recent times mobile application industry is booming and everyday hundreds of apps are introduced in the market also every business now a days need an app or need a web app which can be accessible on mobile phone or at the very least a website which is accessible on mobile phone, In nutshell mobile apps will soon become the necessity of every company just like having its own website.
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