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Brilliant Opportunities Beckon Mobile App Developers

Our step into the 2nd quarter of 2015 has led to interesting trends in the mobile app development jobs landscape. The associated changes to the mobile app industry has fuelled a massive impetus to mobile app development today emerging as a favourable career option with rewarding benefits.

Some noteworthy trends that defined mobile app development-

Increase in subscriber base – More than 50% of world population now has a mobile in Sep 20141.

iOS 8 – Loyal iOS users were in for a treat with the new launch of iOS8. The glitzy launch pretty much revolutionised how Apple smart devices were used for everything in Internet and much more Internet of Things – Though IoT remains in a nascent stage today, its core to success depends on how well it connects your smart device to other ‘things’.

Central to this association will be the use of apps as a connecting bridge between these ‘things’ (these can range from electrical appliances to vehicles) to your smart device Current mobile app development job scenario .

The current frenzy of activity in this market ensures that the mobile app development demand for Android and iOS will only increase in the near future. Looking at the user’s demand for high performance apps, a mobile app professional stands a good chance of adding value to his/ her work. Becon mobile app development has increased due to lots of smart city initiatives, you can enroll for android development training in pune today.

Some thought provoking figures revealed by PayScale website2 are as below ,The mean salary for a Mobile Applications Developer is almost Rs 300,000 per year,Some of the best paying programming language are Objective-C ,Swift and JavaScript. Even HTML5 and Java are not far behind Salary can go as high as 7,50,000.

A Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science is the preferred education for job seekers With around 2 years experience, mobile app developers stand a good chance to gain entry into a mid-size or enterprise IT company that has mobile app development as their services Specific to only Mumbai or Pune, a leading job site had more than 1200 open positions job listed Overall, it does look to be a highly rewarding career option if you are an app developer.

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