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UI/UX Design Trends And Career Prospects [2024]

Web development trends are fast evolving with every passing day. Today, there is equal focus on functionality and look and feel of a Mobile Apps & Website. This is exactly where specialists in UI/UX designs come in.They are skilled in elevating the overall user experience of the Mobile Apps , website, making the App & website experience a truly unforgettable experience.

The capabilities At the heart of the UI/UX design capabilities is the capacity of the designer to bring out the wow factor of the Apps & website and enhance its stickiness. Companies who are serious about their digital marketing campaigns will be more likely to demand a specialist UX designer to figure out the look and feel of a website. This helps in creating a positive experience, which in turn drives the company’s sales online, and thus have a direct impact on the company’s bottom lines. Hence it is no surprise the UI/UX is core to domain leaders like Adobe, Apple, and Google.

The career prospects The demand is simply too great to ignore. As many as 90% stopped using a mobile app due to performance issues, while 86% simply uninstalled an app because of issues with design or functionality.Hence businesses would require the services of specialist designers to propel their fortunes on the online marketplace. Looking at the huge demand, it can be safely said that there is a huge potential for an UI/UX designer.

The salary spectrum varies widely across multiple geographies. However, one thing is constant – proper training and on the job experience is bound to reward the UI/UX designer immensely. Reports show that the average salary of UI/UX designers across 57 countries is USD$57,117.

Where to get started The first logical step to a great career prospect as a UI/UX designer is to get trained from an UI/UX training institute in Pune that has proven mettle in high caliber training. If you have the knack of giving design the prominence it deserves, then it will be a smart move to check into the training programs offered by Felix-ITs. Our comprehensive course content and future-ready syllabus have what it takes to let you move your career into the next gear of progress.

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