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Career In Mobile Application Development

The Penetration of Mobile
The mobile technology and smartphones have changed our times by altering our lives in the most convenient way. The impact of the penetration of mobile technology and smartphones is such that nearly most of our task ranging from banking to social networking can be conducted here. We all are aware of the mammoth growth of the sector and how it can lead to further innovations in how we conduct business. It is time that we march ahead to harness the reach of the phenomenon called mobile. Just to give you a brief idea,

There are now over 1.4 billion smartphone users on the planet

  • 1 in every 7 people around the globe has a smartphone
  • 87% of the world has mobile technology
  • 56% of global adults are smartphone owners
  • 91% of smartphone owners have their devices within arm’s length at all times

Why Learn Mobile Technology
Given the reach and penetration of mobile technologies, it’s not just the end users but also business owners and organizations that are making a beeline to make a mark on the platform. The small device with its 24/7 reach, most big marketers want to be seen on this platform so that they get a high recall value. Looking at the current growth spiral and industry forecast, most technology and e commerce companies are targeting to harness the mobile market. Hence it has become imperative for all technology enthusiasts to brace themselves up with the latest mobile skills and languages. Mobile technology is the tomorrow of the IT and development arena. The last couple of years featured a steep rise in instant messaging, smartphone purchases and mobile advertising, location-based services, social networking application, m-commerce, context-aware service, object recognition and mobile payment.

The rate at which it is growing will for sure spearhead your technology career. Just to give you some data inputs,

  • 51% of organizations are currently making use of mobile learning
  • 70% of companies are planning to implement mobile learning within next 2years
  • Training & Development magazine listed Mobile Learning among top 6 trends that will change workplace learning forever

Industry Status
The mobile industry is growing with the growth of application developments and game developments. The demand for updated applications and web-based applications has opened up new avenues for growth of the dynamic industry. India is the third fastest growing app market in the world. It is estimated that every Indian user spends nearly 52 minutes per-day using mobile apps. As per Gartner report, India’s active mobile connections will exceed 900 million by 2016, reaching almost 72% penetration. According to TRAI the number of active mobile connections in India has reached 772.62 million and the total mobile subscriber base stands at 993.72 million in in January 2014.

Growth Areas
Mobile Technology is growing in all possible fronts. All big and small websites around the world have a mobile version of their sites. All e-commerce sites have a mobile shopping option open. There are web-based games that can be linked to social networking sites. Mobile app development is evolving to integrate with television, in-car navigation and entertainment, shopping, commerce and banking. The mobile network companies see the money coming in through various Value Added Services (VAS) that they keep updating from time to time. The growth of the market is leading to the growth and innovation of the sector.

There is innumerable job opening that requires qualified M- VAS qualified professionals to tap into the market. However, the demand-supply ratio is very skewed in this case and the demand will be high for qualified professionals in the coming years. A career in mobile technology will take you places.

The starting salary of an Android developer at the entry level could be from Rs 3-6 lakh per annum depending on the technology they are working on. Those who are working on content at the entry level could expect anything in the range of Rs 2.5-4 lakh per annum.

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