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Mobile Application Development Requirement In India.

In recent times mobile application industry is booming and everyday hundreds of apps are introduced in the market also every business now a days need an app or need a web app which can be accessible on mobile phone or at the very least a website which is accessible on mobile phone, In nutshell mobile apps will soon become the necessity of every company just like having its own website.

When we compare with west I can say more than half of the population is mobile ready or should I say smartphone savvy and in couple of years it will cross 90 % in contrast Indian population the divide is large it is estimated only 10% of Indian mobile users use smartphone, having said that it will be in no time this gap will shrink like anything, looking at the potential of business mobile companies like google and apple will soon focus on cheap smartphones and in no time the numbers will soon change every individual will have a smartphone and where there is smartphone there are apps – (WhatsApp ,Truecaller ,Viber ,Facebook ,Twitter, Angrybirds , Templerun) to name a few.

what makes a phone really a smartphone is the apps that phone have, so there is huge potential of different kind apps suitable for different demographics, so much so that there would be hundreds of apps based on one location itself which may be specific to the location only e.g. I may require Mumbai local timetable app but someone in Pune might not require the same so and so forth needless to mention the local business apps.

So we have huge population ready to make move towards smartphone and try new apps and more and more apps would be needed to be developed to cater to the ever increasing needs !! , just to emphasis on growing prominence of Indian app users more than half of the TRUECALLER’s 70 million users are in India and this will be true for other apps as well in coming years.

Imagine an app as software, like every software product these apps would require regular updates, maintenance so and so forth making this a billion dollar industry to cater to this billion dollar industry we need skilled app developers? The question is does India have skilled developers to cater this need? Do we have excellent training institutes to bridge the gap between academic and industry requirements?

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