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How to Become a Smart UX Designer : Start Your UXcting Career.

Are you seriously giving a thought to become a UX designer? Are you unaware of the things that will come in your way? Does the world of UI, A/B testing, bold call to actions and building interactive prototypes excite you? You are right in for your UXciting career.

To become a UX designer you will need to work hard and be determined. Although, it’s not rocket science but it’s an easy way you can achieve your dream job in no time. Sorry. It does not work like this way. We are just preparing you for some interesting career.

Yet, we are not discouraging you from becoming a UX designer, rather we are going to tell you how you can be a smart UX designer.

Ux Designing is becoming the foremost chosen branch in job titles today. Becoming a UX designer is challenging, rewarding, lucrative and indeed an interesting job for you if you have a little edge of creativity. You get to interact with people but most importantly, you get to handle machines, computers and software.

You will get to design compelling websites and experiential apps

While learning to become a UX Designer, you will get to learn various verticals of creativity, technical knowledge and social skills. – Vikas Warke, Founder & Director, Felix-ITs.

You will get to learn Adobe, and Sketch as you will be working with a live group of users and start analysing their interactions with your mockups, prototypes, and wireframes. Oh, so this excites you? Wait. We are going to explain to you a small group of basics before that.

Being a smart UX designer will be challenging yet so productive for you.

Let’s get to know some basics before jumping into a UX World of opportunities.

Who the heck is a UX designer?

There are many answers to this single question around the internet. Well, there is not a common definition for it as well. UX designer is an artist as well as a scientist who will design how users will experience a product right from the beginning to its finish.

UX designers will use software like Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator to generate wireframes, mockups, their storyboards, and sitemaps and further finish their product and let users test it. Simple? Clear?

But then, who is a UI designer and who is UX designer?

UI designers and UX designers are close friends. They might be seen in a single role in many companies including some multinationals. But, their roles might overlap each other a lot. They are not the same. UX designers focus on the user experiences, UI designers deal with visual elements and cues of the final or developing product.

Let’s consider the design of the car for an example. A UX designer will make sure the whole journey of how the car will drive. On the other hand, UI designer will make sure how the driver can interact with a car with its functionality; let’s say the buttons, gears, pedals etc.

Many people take UI design for granted as a subpart of the UX design but it’s not totally true.

How can you be called a Smart UX Designer?

No matter what walk of life you have come from, you can become a Smart UX designer if you possess any of the following traits:

Passion –UX design is not just a hobby or art or just a career path but its a call. You should originally possess the liking for patterns and the way things work. You should be passionate about how a person interacts with the product.

Empathy –You should be aware of the pains and frustrations of the users in order to design great products. You should be able to put yourself into their shoes and then only you can understand why something bothers them. You may feel the thing is fine but you need to be user-centric at every step.

Humble –You need to have a team and in order to have a great interactive team, you need to work with utmost humbleness. You will need a designer, programmer, user, C-Level Executives, and stakeholders. You need to interact with them with care, get their experiences on what you have created and then implement it into your design that could become beautiful.

Self-starting –Train yourself. Do your homework. Explore things on your own. And learn to work on your own to figure out things and make your portfolio strong.

A genuine interest in technology –Belief in science. Believe in technology. You need to know and create interest on your own how humans interact with technology.

Join a UX design coaching – Get a mentor. A mentor that will provide you a right path. A UX design coaching will train you with the appropriate skills and the way you think for a product.

For instance, meet the team of expert UX designer at Felix ITs. We design for passion and benefits of the companies including SMEs and Multinationals. Want to know more about UX coaching and build your UXciting designer career? Just drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be in touch with you.

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