How to Become an SEO Expert in 2022?

Over the course of years, we have noticed several skills go obsolete due to the advent of technology and AI. However, one such skill that is here to stay is SEO. If you are well-versed with SEO, you are set to have a great career in the future.


If we go by the stats, 70% of the online marketers believe in SEO more than PPC for generating more sales and revenue. This has led to a tremendous jump in demand for SEO professionals. But if you want to land a suitable and well-paying job in this field, it is necessary to become an expert.


To help you through the same, we have prepared a checklist for you. Once you fulfill all the checklist requirements, you shall be able to call yourself an SEO Ninja!


Comprehensive Guide to Become an SEO Expert in 2022


We have divided the guide into four easy steps so that you can kickstart your SEO journey without any hindrances.


1. Create a Strong Foundation


SEO is not as complicated as it seems, primarily if you lay down your basics. With a strong knowledge and technical skills foundation, you can certainly get an edge over other SEO-persuing personnel.


You can do so by opting for a certification course. Several beginner-level and professional-level courses are rendered online. You can finish the course as per your schedule.


It must be noted that SEO job postings do not require any degree. However, when you have a certification course to your name, it catches the recruiter’s eye, thereby giving you a better chance of landing the job.


2. Master the Tools of SEO


The certification course will undoubtedly introduce several new concepts and tools that can come in handy while working.


Such tools save you from manual and tedious work like keyword research, data analysis, checking the ranking factors, etc. They can help you with your strategy and beat your competitors. Moreover, you can measure your strategy’s working in different languages and regions with analytical tools.


Furthermore, with such tools, you shall be able to rectify any mistake in terms of data and research.


Some of the best tools to gain mastery in are:


  • Ahrefs
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMRush
  • Moz Pro
  • Woorank
  • Google Trends
  • Keywords Everywhere


3. Put your Knowledge into Practice


After gaining all the theoretical knowledge about the necessary terminologies, concepts, and tools, getting your hands in the mud is time.


You can start by creating your signature SEO strategy. Then, try to take the unchartered roads and do something others haven’t done already. Make notes as you go about this journey to tweak the changes later.


Try to get into the technical aspect of SEO by undertaking indexing, website architecture, rendering, etc. This will help you understand why and how the web crawlers work.


In addition to that, focus on keywords and the content, including the meta description, meta title, etc.


Even if you are unaware of the traditional proceedings of the SEO tools, you will learn on the journey. Allow yourself to make mistakes as well. The best learnings come from blunders and errors.


After you believe that you have mastered the techniques, go for additional strategies. For example, learn and practice how to increase the page loading time or how to audit the click-throughs.


Such thorough practices will make your application stand out from the rest. No wonder people say, “You need to do SEO to learn SEO.”


4. Showcase your Work


Now it is time to provide hard evidence of your SEO skills to the recruiters and business owners. This can be done by creating a solid portfolio.


Once your SEO strategies are polished, go for practice campaigns. Demonstrate your strategy, findings, results, etc., in your portfolio. Showcase how and why you chose your strategy and how they have helped with the SEO ranking.


You can also create your website and allow your website’s ranking to depict your SEO skills.


Do not forget to portray the challenges you faced or the errors you suffered from. Furthermore, back your mistakes by showcasing how you learned and improved from them.


Along with that, add statistics and relevant metrics to your portfolio. Then, let the numbers paint a picture of your strategies’ success.


Use data to represent new visitors, page views, page rankings, page loading time, etc. Do not shy away from using charts and graphs in your portfolio to strengthen your application.


Well, That’s a Wrap


Becoming an SEO expert is not a piece of cake. It requires sheer determination, dedication, and relentless knowledge about SEO concepts. But this can turn into a smooth process once you kickstart your journey correctly.


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