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How To Discover Your Niche as A UIUX Designer

How To Discover Your Niche as A UI/UX Designer?

The UI/UX job market is ever-evolving. More and more designers are opting to upskill themselves, given the industry’s massive demand for UI/UX designers. However, only those with a sense of uniqueness in their style and design stand out and get the best jobs. 

If you are planning to join the bandwagon of UI/UX design, it is necessary to take a step back and deliberate on your preferred niche. Without choosing the right niche, you might not be able to tap into your maximum potential. 

So, go through the following article and learn how to pick your niche to become a successful UI/UX designer. 

Why is Niching Down Crucial for a UI/UX Designer?

Before we get started on selecting your niche, you need to understand the benefits it brings to the table. 

1. Niche > General

Let us remind you of a famous and relevant idiom to explain the importance of niching down, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” 

Rather than working on ten skillsets and being average at all, it is best to select one and gain proficiency in it. This will help you, as a UI/UX designer, to build a better portfolio and case study. 

2. Stronger Portfolio

Adding to the previous point, having a niche and working towards it will aid you in creating an exceptional portfolio. In addition, you can use it to highlight your strengths in the industry. 

This will make it easier for the recruiters to pick out your portfolio from the rest, thereby giving you the edge of landing a job. 

3.Save Time, Money, and Efforts

What if you get influenced by a trend and start working in a niche that doesn’t appeal to you? This will end up draining your energy, time, and money. 

Instead, it is advisable to initially put in a few efforts by conducting thorough research about the various niches. This will help you choose your preferred industry, which will not make you dread going to work. 

Five Ways to Choose your UI/UX Niche

Now that we have covered the benefits of choosing a niche in the UI/UX industry, it is time to understand how to choose the niche. 

Mainly, there are five types of positioning. Go through all of them and see which one fits you the best: 

1. Horizontal Positioning

Horizontal positioning refers to selecting an area of specialization based on the psychographic client or demographic factor. 

For example, you could work for companies, brands, bloggers, etc. However, creating a unique name in this niche will require excellent skill. 

2. Vertical Positioning

Vertical positioning is where you pick out a type of business as your niche—for example, travel companies, finance, marketing solutions, etc. 

You can design mobile and web applications for your preferred industry and become a well-known name in the field. 

However, this will require intensive knowledge about the said industry. Moreover, it might get monotonous after a certain point. 

3. Platform Positioning

As the name suggests, Platform Positioning refers to designing for a single platform. So, for example, you can create applications for a particular client website. 

Since you will design the entire platform, you can create your brand name easily. You’ll also be exposed to more clients who get inspired by your designed platform. 

4. Psychographic Positioning

Psychographic positioning is where you create designs for a particular community. For example, it could be for environmental or human rights organizations. 

By choosing this niche, you can become a crucial part of a community. But, at the same time, you will have to work according to the values and culture of the community. 

5. Demographic Positioning

You can also design websites according to age, race, religion, gender, or location. For example, you can create websites for kids or for a local business that only caters to a particular area of people. 

This niche is easier to crack since it is easier to market your service. 

Tips on Finding your Niche in UI/UX Design

Apart from the positionings above, you can adhere to the following tips to find your niche as a UI/UX designer: 

  1. Tap into your soft skills, like communication, interpersonal, collaboration, etc. Understanding your soft skills and strengths can help you choose your niche. 
  1. Understand your technical skills like wireframing, user research, prototyping, information architecture, usability testing, etc. Look for the niches that require your best technical skills. 
  1. Look into your experience and see which niche fits best for your future. 

Final Thought

Picking out the right UI/UX design niche might require you to take a few extra steps, but the result is undoubtedly worth the efforts. 

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