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Prepration for Ui-Ux Designer

How to Get Hired as a UX Designer? Top Things to Remember.

Every UX design agency looks for the best talent to make their process stronger. The process of hiring in this industry is deeper than in any other industry. There are a lot of things other than the design portfolio that help design agencies take the right decision.

Nonetheless, how you portray yourself as a designer is important to get hired in the UX company. Some of the other parameters are your process, thinking, and how you tackle challenges and problems. How do you work, whether you are a team player, can you handle pressure, and so on.

Companies look into your approach to problems and the tests conclude whether you are a perfect fit for their agency.

UX interviews are a perfect exercise for you to prepare yourself for the industry. Two main questions you’ll be asked are:

  • Are you ready to work together and create an incredible design together?
  • Are you willing to add value to our company along with your own portfolio?

While a design test is to pass judgment on the UX designer’s exhibition in a mock drill. This article is not a guide to the complete UX interview process but a smart look into a UX design test. However, we do know that when it’s about solving the design test, here’s a quick guide to the UX design test.

So, what’s a UX design test?

The design test is essentially a strategy agencies use to check your process of thinking and functionality in a mock situation. This makes it simple for them to choose if you are an ideal fit for the work.

Is a design test necessary?

The UX designer is a high-esteem profile, and with that comes high risk too.

Design tests are meant to be a measure of trust for the two players – you (applicant) and UX agency too.

These tests are not to pass judgment on the candidate but rather they are so proficient to essentially apply the skills.

People usually neglect to showcase the abilities if there is no design test.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can prepare yourself for the design test…

Before the design test

Basic things to keep in mind pre-design test…

  • Study the UCD-HCD process in deep.
  • Read the job description neatly and be prepared for what skills the company is testing you for.
  • Study the UCD process on a sample test and make sure you complete the exercise in 4/8/10 hours and so on.
  • Ask questions (to the recruiter, interviewer). If any, prepare a copy of your presentation before you appear for the interview. Things you may ask are a brief outline/ Project Details. Problem statement. Background. Expected solution.
  • Set your goals, expectations, and mold your attitude according to the interviewer. Set yourself as a creative and innovative person.

During the test…

  • Set your time and divide every task with a set timeline.
  • Understand the problem. List down design goals.
  • Lists down tasks and their scenarios.
  • Study the trends, competition, and market.
  • Understand and list down various constraints for the tasks.
  • Prepare user personas
  • Prepare the grid & sample design mock-ups.
  • Check your design test to avoid any kinds of typos, grammatical mistakes, etc.

After the design test…

  • Review your design test and prepare yourself for the next round – the QnA round.
  • Note down what you learned from the test and the things you may have missed.
  • Get ready to discuss feedback and criticism. Always remember the interviewer will be reviewing your design.
  • Be confident during the QnA round and get ready to achieve what you are looking for.

Hope this article will help you in cracking the UX design test easily. If you like this article, do recommend or share it with your friends and family.

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