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Ui-UX for start ups

If you are Startup, you will need a UX Designer

Product design has always played a very important role while considering user experience. Therefore, it’s essential to have a UX designer on the company’s bandwagon. However, startups often miss out on these steps as they start prioritizing other sections of the business, or sometimes they have limited funds.


Startups need in-house UX designers to ensure their services and products’ delivery plans involve customer-tailored solutions, better designs, and enhanced user experience and. This gives the organization an opportunity to understand their audience, work toward a common user objective and create better solutions for customers. As per recent studies, startups that are driven by design can make 32% more revenue as compared to companies that are not design-focused. It’s a necessity!


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What do UX designers do?


UX designers are your people who will be designing and making your products, services, or digital services to make them as accessible and intuitive as possible. Their core aim is to give a human touch to products and services by understanding the user behavior through research and utilizing it in strategy, design, and execution. UX designers can help a startup acknowledge user needs and fulfill them in order to increase product acceptance and increase sales.


The top five reasons why a startup needs a UX designer:


  1. Executes Market Research
  2. Creating User Personas
  3. Building Wireframes and Prototypes
  4. Initiates Usability Testing
  5. Post Delivery Iterations


A good user experience allows customers to use a product or service with ease while effortlessly adding it into their daily lives. If a customer is easily doing this, it means your product or service is successfully designed and delivered as per their needs. Therefore, UX design is extremely important for both the company creating the products and also the user itself.

As a startup, you will need to get your product designed in such a way that your product can resonate with your user by ensuring you create customer satisfaction. Creating hassle-free and intuitive products can help a startup create brand value and build brand loyalty. Design-driven products bring startups immense profits and recognition to the table.


It is said that 90% of all startups fail to deliver products with almost 21.5% failing in their first year itself. This happens because of various reasons but one of the most common reasons is when the startups fail to address the customer objectives. This is directly connected to how the startup performed when they were in their research stage. It’s absolutely important for companies to do a thorough research of their target users, demographics, and goals before they start designing the product. With this research data, designers can actually design a product that’s enjoyable and easy to use; the key that can get a startup its triumph.


UX designers user research consists of users’:


  1. Information
  2. Personality
  3. Goals and motivations
  4. Problems and challenges
  5. Behavior patterns


Not everything can be managed by the CEO or the top management. Each department has a role of its own and when it comes to user research and UX design, it is a pretty complex and nuanced job that requires a professional to carry out the responsibilities. It only makes sense for startups to hire and get a UX designer in-house right at the beginning of the product creation, to help save time and funds while building an exceptional user experience for your users and also adding value to your product or service. They also continually help evolve and improve the product or service according to user feedback and reviews.


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