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Introduction to UX Principles and Processes – Felix-ITs’ New Online Course Review

This is a brief course review on Felix-ITs’ recently launched course – Introduction to UX Principles and Processes… We have tried to cover the pros, cons, costs, time and syllabus covered in this course available at their website –

With everyone being at homes for an indefinite time, it could be the best time to get your hands on some online courses that could increase your skill levels and make you ready for the post-pandemic situations. With many of us ready to become self-taught UX designers, we were planning to introduce a similar course and here’s your place to start with.

With our encouragement, one of our students who happens to be writing for us too took this course and this is a brief course review we are presenting for you…

Introduction to UX Principles and Processes is one of the 6 parts specialization in User Experience Research and Design by Felix-ITs, one of the leading UI / UX Courses providers in Pune, India. We would say the content is pretty awesome for you and it could be your Kickstarter in UX learning. Felix-ITs’ expert course designers and industry experts have designed this course for students and enthusiasts like you…

Why take this course?

If you are keen to learn the introduction to the field of UX research and design, this course is perfect for you. To be precise, if you are willing to gain some extra knowledge over your primary understanding of this field. If you are planning to get enrolled in some advanced course, just like our UI/UX Design and UI/UX Development courses, then this course is a refreshment for you.

So, what does it cost?

If you want to get certified with this course, then it’s a paid course. For Rs. XX per month, until you complete the course, you will get a certificate and access to the assignments.

How long it will require your commitment?

This course is divided into 6 weeks. The organization recommends 2-4 hours of investment per week which gets to around 18 hours in total. The assignments could add more 4 hours to entire course time and they involve daunting tasks like sketching, analysis and ideation.

Format of this course

Like many other courses, there is the instructor talking into the camera and he is live throughout the week for your queries, which provides a great user experience keeping us engaged and focused throughout the course. Then after every topic in lectures, there is a slide which recaps the entire topic in short points.


For 6 weeks, you will learn the following topics and sub-topics:

1stWeek: What is UX? What are the UX Research and Design?

  • Defining the goals of UX research and design
  • Recognizing the main components of UX
  • Describing the skills needed for UX research and design
  • Identifying various methods of UX research
  • Explaining the iterative design process

2ndWeek: UX Design Overview

  • Recognizing the language of UX research and design
  • Describing various prototyping techniques and recognizing the purpose and value of each
  • Demonstrating how UX designers use sketching and prototyping to develop design concepts
  • Practising the incorporation of a user-centred focus into the design process

3rdWeek: How Do People Perceive Information?

  • Identifying the key features of human physiology and behaviour that have an impact on the design of interactive systems
  • Describing the different types of human memory and how this has an impact on design challenges
  • Describing how UX researchers discover and assess user needs

4thWeek: How Do People Act in the World?

  • Identifying terms that describe the user experience
  • Listing the stages of user action when interacting within an environment
  • Explaining how different features of an environment can impact user actions
  • Explaining how users’ conceptual models can influence how they perform in an environment

5thWeek: Design Heuristics

  • Explaining how heuristics can be used in the design of an interface, platform, or system
  • Listing Nielsen’s 10 heuristics for user interface design
  • Articulating the value of minimalist design
  • Critiquing and designing interactive systems based on human capabilities and behaviour

6thWeek: Heuristic Evaluation and Course Wrap-up

  • Preparing and conducting a micro-usability test
  • Identifying and ranking usability issues encountered when conducting a usability test
  • Applying heuristics to the usability issues that are encountered when conducting a usability test

As a part of this course, you’ll get to work on various assignments. You will be guided through the course on how you can complete this assignment.

How difficult is this course?

This course won’t seem like a difficult one even if you are a starter head in UX design.

This course:

  • Requires no prerequisites
  • Provides in-depth overview
  • Is beginner-friendly.

Although one might feel first three weeks as difficult the content is simple, straightforward and understandable. This course as said before could be a great thing for one with little to no knowledge about the field.

Learning tips

For this or any other course you would take, one of the biggest learning tips would be to focus on the underlying concepts in the course and revise them regularly. If you are habitual of taking your own notes, you will master the course easily. If you think that you can just learn the concepts by watching the videos, then you might be wrong, taking your own study after the video ends will help you become self-disciplined and self-reliant.

Key Takeaways

Main takeaways from this course:

  • The role of perception and cognition in designing great products
  • How some design principles lead to the great user interface?
  • How to handle a heuristic evaluation to develop a product/feature.

Overall, this course would provide you with what you are looking for – basics and in-depth overview of the UX field.

Guest Post by – Rishabh

Rishabh Rai is an UX Designer at Talkd.Inc ,he has recently finished his UX Course from Felix IT System 

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