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Student Success Story – eCommerce Professional to UX Designer – Sagar Chitale

We are reopening and our students have been posting us their updates on how they have secured a designer job even in the pandemic.

One of our hardworking students, Sagar Chitale recently e-visited our facility at Pune and it was a nice moment to meet a UX designer who was working as online sales executive just selling computer peripherals online with a basic eCommerce website.

Sagar shared his experience with us on how he succeeded to become a UX designer.

My eCommerce website was not so attractive and one of my clients suggested me to have some design sense while selling my products. This is where I got triggered and started finding of how to design a website and came across a blog post from you (Felix-ITs). I got enrolled for a UX Design course and boom, within just a month of my active CV on LinkedIn, I landed as a UX designer at an IT company.

Even faculty at Felix-ITs was impressed on his profile when he started looking for a job ,Felix Placement cell arranged for an interview with one of the IT giants .

We asked a few questions about his professional development and Sagar had prompt replies…

Where are you living and working now?


If you were in another field before, what were you doing?

As you know, I was handling an eCommerce website, I would have been struggling to sell these hardware parts.

When did you first decide you wanted to pursue a career in UI/UX?

Handling a business needs everything, from making and dealing with your website to marketing. I ran into the concept of UX while dealing with my eCommerce website. I thought there could be a better way to do this.

Why did UX appeal to you?

I took a stab at using an online web builder but they have everything ready-to-install. I needed to know how I can build something unique. I was not looking for a website development course but the design is what attracted me. Especially UX design is about customer mindset, where they move on my website, how they behave. It’s a study of user mindset and design. And this is what appealed to me about UX.

What made you choose Felix-ITs out of all the other institutes you could have chosen?

To be honest, the course was accessible in terms of price to me, and then when I enquired in detail about this course, I got to know the faculty, the material you are providing, and actual projects that I would’ve been worked with. I got to know that Felix is offering me everything I need to solve my purpose and actually, I got to learn more than just the bookish UX or regular design.

What was special about the course and training?

Personalization is the thing that appealed to me more about this course. My trainer identified my interests and developed the content accordingly. The assignment I worked with was an eCommerce website so obviously, I already knew the pain points of the customers. This helped me getting my CV stronger.

How was your trainer?

Ashish, who trained me to become a good designer became my friend along with my mentor in UX. I used to ask him very basic questions and that too, frequently. But he never got tired of my questions and equipped me with proper skills and knowledge for the industry. Thanks to Ashish.

What did you learn more than you didn’t know before the course?

I had read about UX but it was basic. I needed to master this thing and this is what I exactly learn at Felix-ITs. It’s a list of skills like graphic design, the importance of buttons in the app, interfaces and using the right tool, etc.

Did you enjoy working on the real project?

Again, it was a slow process for me. Considering the skillset I had which was close to nothing, I enjoyed working on the website that was given to me as an assignment. Asish and other trainers helped me with the client requirement, process, tools and it was a kind of playful job developing this website. Other than my first project, gradually I started developing complex designs too.

Are you enjoying your current job?

It was quite difficult for me while I was about to complete my course at Felix-ITs as I made new friends there and everyone was eventually leaving as they all got jobs. Now, I’m working on an exactly similar project in my company and I have quite an appreciation for my team.

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