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The Best UI UX Design Classes in Pune

The Best UI UX Design Classes in Pune: A Complete Guide

Choosing the best UI UX design classes in Pune can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not! We’ve narrowed it down to some of the best UI UX design institutes in Pune. Each one offers something special, whether it’s practical workshops or in-depth lessons.  

UI/UX design presents an exciting career path blending creativity, problem-solving, and technology. It involves understanding user behaviour, designing intuitive interfaces, and enhancing digital experiences. With the increasing importance of user-centric design in products and services, the demand for skilled professionals continues to rise.  

So, let’s kickstart your journey as we take a look at the list of UI UX design training institutes in Pune! 

Felix IT Systems 

Felix IT Systems presents the best UI UX Design classes in Pune, meticulously crafted to cater to individuals at every level, from beginners to seasoned professionals. This program lasts 4 months and fully engages students in UI/UX design intricacies. 

The curriculum is thoughtfully structured, encompassing fundamental concepts such as visual design, typography, color theory, layout, composition, and user experience (UX) design. Each detail is carefully analyzed to ensure a balance between theory and practical at this UI UX design institute in Pune.   

One of the best things about Felix IT Systems, a UI UX design training institute in Pune is its commitment to providing extensive placement opportunities. They provide strong placement support, giving students the tools and resources needed to find good jobs after they graduate. This valuable support along with the best UI UX design classes in Pune helps students transition from education to employment, empowering them to start successful careers.  

Felix IT Systems’ UI/UX Design Course is perfect for anyone, whether you’re new to UI/UX or looking to improve your skills. It’s designed to suit people from different backgrounds and skill levels. With a great curriculum, plenty of job opportunities, and a supportive atmosphere, it is one of the best UI UX design classes in Pune!  

When it comes to UI UX design courses in Pune, Felix-ITs offers a variety of courses to select from: 

Best UI UX Design In Pune - Felix IT System

UI UX Design Course: This course offers comprehensive training in UI/UX design. It gives learners what they need to create easy-to-use interfaces and enjoyable experiences for digital products.  

UI UX Development Course: The UI UX Development Course focuses on bridging design and development. It teaches skills necessary to implement UI/UX designs effectively into functional web or app interfaces.  

UI Design: The UI Design course focuses on creating visually appealing, user-friendly interfaces. It covers design principles, typography, colour theory, and layout techniques in depth.  

Adobe XD Workshop: The two-day workshop offers intensive hands-on training on Adobe XD software. It covers its features, tools, and workflow for designing and prototyping user interfaces efficiently. 

Figma Workshop: The Figma Workshop is a two-day event. It demonstrates Figma’s features, emphasizing its ability for collaborative interface design and real-time prototyping for responsive and interactive designs.  


ImaginXP, a leading UI UX design institute in Pune, specializes in future-focused skills, particularly UI/UX design. Renowned for its industry-relevant curriculum, developed in collaboration with top companies, it ensures students learn cutting-edge skills. With an impressive placement record, over 85% of graduates secure positions in leading companies within three months of course completion.  

Offering diverse courses to cater to various needs, they provide a diploma in UI/UX design covering user research, interaction design, visual design, and prototyping comprehensively.   

Their certification program offers essential UI/UX design skills in a shorter duration, ideal for those seeking quick learning. Moreover, this UI UX design training institute in Pune also provides short-term workshops that delve into specific topics. Such as user research, wireframing, and prototyping.   

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With a presence in 8 cities across India, DesignBoat is an esteemed UI UX design training institute in Pune. It has a proven track record of transforming beginners into job-ready UI/UX professionals. Their courses are practical-oriented and designed to equip students with the latest industry trends and tools.  

Designboat UI UX Design Institute has successfully secured positions for 3040 out of the 4388 students who have endorsed this course with reputable employers. Their flexible training approach makes them particularly appealing to budding designers. 

MIT Institute of Design (MITID) 

The MIT Institute of Design (MITID) is a renowned UI UX design institute in Pune. Established in 2006, it has one of the best UI UX design classes in Pune, offering diverse undergraduate and postgraduate design programs, specializing in UI/UX design. Its curriculum blends theoretical understanding with practical skills and industry exposure.  

Students benefit from seasoned faculty, industry collaborations, and real-world project opportunities. MITID UI UX design training institute in Pune prioritizes research, fostering innovation through faculty-led projects and state-of-the-art design labs. For those seeking a career in design, MITID stands out for its holistic education, expert faculty, and commitment to staying at the forefront of design trends.   

Seven Mentor 

Seven Mentor UI UX Design Institute in Pune focuses on nurturing graduates skilled in analytical thinking and practical problem-solving. Specializing in interactive gaming, mobile communication, software interfaces, interactive media, and educational apps. It blends engineering, design, behavioral, and social sciences.   

Such reasons make it one of the best UI UX design classes in Pune. Thus, by providing extensive courses emphasizing technology exploration, innovation, and application for optimal user experiences. Interdisciplinary studies at the UI UX design training institute in Pune help students understand how technology impacts people and organizations. This gives them the skills to adapt to changes in how humans interact with technology.  

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Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) 

The Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) has one of the best UI UX design classes in Pune that offers a Master of Design (M.Des) program in Interaction Design. This program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to create innovative and user-friendly interfaces for a variety of digital products and services.  

The program covers a wide range of topics, including: 

  • User Interface (UI) design principles and best practices 
  • User Experience (UX) design thinking 
  • Information Architecture 
  • Interaction design 
  • Visual design 
  • Prototyping and testing 

The best UI UX design classes are conducted by a team of experienced faculty members who are industry professionals. Students also have the opportunity to work on real-world projects with clients. Allowing them valuable experience and helping them to build their portfolios. These are some probable reasons to study at this UI UX design institute in Pune.  

Final Thoughts 

The best UI UX design classes in Pune offer an ideal platform for aspiring designers to refine their skills as they are crucial for a lucrative career in the field. With the rising demand for user-centered design, UI/UX designers play a pivotal role in creating successful digital products.   

So, it’s best to look out for some of the most reputable UI UX design training institutes in Pune. Felix-ITs is one such UI UX design Institute in Pune that offers a comprehensive curriculum. It covers wireframing, prototyping, graphic design, user research, and usability testing.  

These programs by Felix-ITs at UI UX Design Institute in Pune offer top-notch facilities, expert faculty, and hands-on learning using industry-standard tools. Furthermore, students can work together with classmates and experts, staying updated on the latest design styles. As Pune becomes a hub for technology, there will be more demand for talented UI/UX designers. So, it’s a wise decision to go for a UI UX design Institute in Pune to kickstart your design journey!

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