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The Ultimate Guide to Become an iOS Developer

iOS is the operating system used in Apple products like iPhone, iPad, and other devices. As the market for such products has increased, the demand for iOS developers and similarly their pay scale has also increased. If you’re someone who wishes to enter this challenging field, we at Felix-ITs bring you in-depth courses for iOS training in Pune.

You should start by thinking if you really have the passion to do it. You can only continue a journey if you have the passion for that. Self-analyse and make sure you love the whole process, and not do it only because it’s a high-paying job. Also, it’s important to have Apple devices like a Mac to develop and iPhone to test your build so this journey will come with a cost.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can work towards becoming an iOS developer.

Learn the basic principles and rules

Apple has released a few guidelines to streamline human-computer interaction. Our iOS development courses will introduce you to the important 7 iOS design rules and 5 design principles.

The design rules are:

  • Easy to operate
  • Clear navigation structure
  • Ensure the integrity of the aesthetics
  • Highlight the primary function
  • Use simple terms
  • Consider the direction (horizontal or landscape – think through a customer’s point of view)
  • Touch point should be suitable for fingertip size (44 * 44 pixels is recommended by Apple)

The 5 design principles are –

  • Be attentive towards size and resolution of the screen
  • Consider the basic UI components (Content, Submenu, Status bar, and Navigation)
  • Maintain the consistency of icons
  • Pay attention to the font size used
  • Focus on the slicing (different adaptability & performance metrics to ensure a comfortable interface)

Learn the Programming Languages –

Learning of Swift and Cocoa Touch languages are highly recommended. Swift is simpler and more concise than Objective-C hence is easier to be used to build an iOS app. It also builds fast-working software and is fun to design.

Cocoa Touch is an important UI framework that provides various tools and offers a ready-to-use API. It has the same unique design as that of an iOS interface. The UIKit can help you in accessing full-screen views, handling special GUI controls of iOS, and control your App with accelerometers and Multi-Touch gestures. You can also eventually shift to the new framework, SwiftUI.

Our iOS development training courses in Pune will help you get hands-on experience in these programming languages.

Learn SCCS (Source Code Control Management)

The most important part of software development, SCCS, allows you to extract the source codes of different versions. SVN and Git are the two most used SCCS tools, but Git has become the most popular out of the two in recent times. Git is a distributed code control system that’s easier to manage without a network; and is much faster than SVN.

Learn the iOS Tools

Xcode (Development Tool)

This Apple-developed tool provides an integrated environment for you to develop Mac OS X and iOS applications. It supports various programming languages like Swift, Java, AppleScript, C, C++, Objective-C, and Objective-C++. With its fast operations, it can help you deploy your App to your iOS device with ease.

Mockplus (Prototype Design Tool)

Learning how to use this tool will help you communicate with designers better. It is an easy tool which provides basic and latest interaction functions too like repeater, flowchart, and mind map. Our iOS training courses in Pune are the perfect place to learn about these tools.

It’s then time to put all this knowledge to use. Start writing code and making an app using basic programming and design principles.

Last but not the least, learn how to upload and publish your App. GitHub is a social platform with millions of users where you can share your source code. This is a good way to learn as you can learn from others source code while exhibiting yours too. You may also go ahead and publish your App on the Apple App Store.

Remember, your App becomes your portfolio henceforth. Learn how to create an impressive portfolio to crack a good placement in our iOS development training courses in Pune. Felix-ITs iOS training courses will not only help you make an impressive resume, but also to choose a good company, and prepare yourself for the interview questions.

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