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Top 10 Reasons to Pursue Training in UX/UI Design in 2022

Top 10 Reasons to Pursue Training in UX/UI Design in 2022

UX design is a constantly evolving industry as today more than ever, brands are acknowledging the importance of UX design in customer servicing. This creates great job opportunities, salary satisfaction, and job security for UX designers in 2022.


You might be intrigued to know the benefits of becoming a UX designer:


  1. Creative & Analytical: Needless to say, UX design is a combination of creativity and logical reasoning to bring out the best of any application or website- the best of both worlds. If you are a creative person with no knowledge of coding or vice versa, that’s absolutely fine because in your training period you will be trained for both the aspects of balancing aesthetics with functionality.


  1. Service for everyone: With user experience a part of everyone’s life, you get the opportunity to create an impact that can help everybody considering individual requirements. This will mean you will automatically be covering the two most important aspects of UX design that are greater inclusivity and accessibility.


  1. In-Demand Profession: UX design has been one of the most popular services worldwide with companies now focusing on creating exceptional user experiences. For this, they require professionals in large numbers and are already offering high salaries.


  1. Job Opportunities & Growth: Stepping into the UX design industry means taking a step towards a diverse range of different UX design roles and specializations such as UX designer, Product designer, Information architect, Visual designer, Customer experience designer, UX researcher, Content strategist, Service designer and more. UX design is an extensive industry that presents endless possibilities for career growth and development.


  1. Skill Development Opportunities: UX design welcomes and teaches both soft and hard skills. Be it a UX design certification and job experience, some of the skills you may develop in your UX design career are coding and development, empathy, critical thinking, research, visual communication, or writing. These skillsets can later be applied in your future careers or even in a different field.


  1. No need to Master Tools: As we know tools and software keep updating every day and you might not be able to keep up with all. Don’t worry, you don’t have to! Having a basic understanding of the tools will do the work while your knowledge and skills will play a bigger role. It is about understanding the UX principles and processes to design a user experience. Moreover, there are quite a few UX techniques like user interviews, usability testing, and card sorting that don’t even require the use of tools.


  1. Easy access to affordable UX Certifications: With the rapid demand of UX design professionals, education centers have started offering UX design certification at a wide scale. These UX design certifications can help you start your career in the UX industry. But you can also start off by learning UX design on your own with the help of online resources and also working on prototype samples that can help build your portfolio.


  1. Work from anywhere: The pandemic has changed the work culture into a remote working lifestyle. Companies have witnessed the benefits of working from home and are adopting it on a long-term basis which means you as a UX designer won’t be bound to work in an office space. Considering all you need is your equipment and communication, you might have the freedom to work from anywhere you want.


  1. Switch to UX design: Changing careers is not a step everyone goes for as they are skeptical about the possibilities and success rate. But with UX design, anyone can pursue UX design training which means you can switch in your career irrespective of your background, knowledge, and skills.


  1. Be a part of a booming industry: Considering the design market is growing day-by-day and the need for UX design services is rising exponentially, the UX design world will keep expanding. Training for the UX design role will create a doorway that can help you reach that world and join the community.


Catch this opportunity in UX design and blend your creative skills with your analytical abilities to create amazing designs for the users. Have you got your interest in UX design yet? If yes, then take a step forward in your UX design career and enroll for Felix-ITs, a UX/UI training center in Pune & Mumbai. We train aspirants like you with an instructor-led UI/UX curriculum and hands-on practical knowledge. Let’s start a journey together!



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