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Why pursue UX/UI Design in 2022

Why pursue UX/UI Design in 2022


There are a number of questions to consider if you’re thinking of a career change and deciding whether you should start learning UX design. Initially, quite a few people are unsure whether studying UX design or working as a UX designer is the right career path for them.


UX design is a rewarding career choice with immense job prospects for UX designers, and an industry that is expected to change and grow in the coming years. There are many compelling reasons to pursue a career in user experience, in addition to the good salary. Here are eight more reasons why UX design is a fascinating field to work in.


  1. Possibilities and Prospects for a Successful Career

A typical UX designer pay offers competitive income while this professional sector also offers plenty of opportunities for personal growth and advancement.


Since a UX designer role entails everything from performing user research and usability testing to prototyping, data analysis, and tight collaboration with marketers and developers, you don’t have to rely on a single skill to make a living. Some designers want to work as a generalist designer, while others look for careers in user experience design that are more specialized.


  1. You Might Be Able to Help Save Lives

Every sector relies heavily on UX design, and it can literally be the difference between life and death. Good user design has the capability to (and does) keep patients safe in clinical settings. As medical equipment gets more sophisticated, doctors and nurses will need to be able to grasp complex information quickly and intuitively. In the medicine world, a good UX design eliminates the need for interpretation which lowers the risk of human error and allows medical professionals to make better decisions.


  1. You can help make technology accessible to everyone

The most fundamental aspects of life are increasingly getting dependent on advanced technology calls for complicated human-machine interactions. While many users have easily adjusted to this shift and even choose to do business online through choices such as digital banking, supermarket pickups, and energy bill payments—there is still a lot more that needs to be done in ensuring these experiences are accessible to everyone.

This is where the UX designers play an important role where they are tasked with not just assisting a typical user but also identifying and resolving usability issues that arise in other demographics. Their problem-solving talents become even more useful. To perform and be of service to people, products need to support their freedom, intelligence, and dignity; all requiring a strong UX design.


  1. You’ll be designing for a wider variety of touchpoints

The days of a digital designer being limited to producing web page layouts are long gone (in HTML, no less). A UX designer can now work on a wide range of projects, including desktop and mobile apps, watch interfaces, and more specialized technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


  1. Ability to influence the future of human interaction with technology

Technology is becoming increasingly specialized with each new device serving a distinct purpose for consumers. Starting from various mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets to VR/AR, and so on, user experiences cater to a wide range of demands and objectives for users. This provides an ever-growing space for UX designers with plenty of opportunities to learn, grow skills, experiment, and invent ideas.


  1. A significant contribution to the company’s success


UX design plays an important role when it comes to a company’s performance in providing an effortless customer experience with exceptional service. Happy customers, fewer complaints, more sales, fewer abandoned carts, and more profitability can all be attributed to good UX design. Furthermore, providing services that are developed with good UX design improves a company’s overall brand image and perception. In other words, your contributions as a UX designer can help deserving businesses compete, regardless of how stagnant the market looks.


  1. You Can Make More Enjoyable App Experiences

It would be wrong to say that UX is only used for serious work. Well, it’s more than that, it can also help you enjoy your design time spent with technology. A very good example would be Snapchat which demonstrates that there is room for funny and silly in-app designs, as long as the product engages users, improves people’s connections with one another and helps us find joy in everyday technology.


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