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Top UI UX Courses in Mumbai

Top UI/UX Design Courses in Mumbai to Pursue in 2024

UI UX design is a hot skill in today’s job market, attracting newcomers and seasoned pros alike. But because it’s a complex field with lots of applications, mastering it can be tough without proper guidance. 

Interested in building a promising career in UI UX design but unsure where and how to get going? This article will help you out as we discuss some of the best UI UX design training institutes in Mumbai. Keep reading as we discuss in detail every UI/UX design course in Mumbai! 

The Best UI/UX design institutes in Mumbai

Felix-IT Systems 

Felix-IT Systems is a leading UI/UX design institute in Mumbai, offering the best UI/UX design courses in Mumbai. The UI/UX Design Course curriculum is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of user-centered design principles and practices. The best thing about these UI/UX design classes in Mumbai is they are online and can be attended by anyone. Since the classes are online you get the freedom to take the course at your pace and learn it with ease.  

The 4-month curriculum covers all the needed topics of the UI/UX design courses in Mumbai. Along with the course the students get unlimited mentorship to help them advance.  

Here’s a quick look at what the course may look like for you: 

  1. Select project topic 
  2. Complete the UX 
  3. Complete the UI 
  4. Submit your tasks 
  5. Get your design reviewed 
  6. Your 1st project is completed 

Another reason behind the popularity of this UI/UX design institute in Mumbai is how they share real student testimonials to establish trust among students. Upon completion of the UI/UX design courses in Mumbai, you will get a certificate that will help you land a suitable career.  

The best thing about studying at Felix-ITs, one of the best UI/UX design institutes in Mumbai is the placement support. Students get dedicated placement support to help them land a job and kickstart their career.  

Freelancers Academy 

This academy is known for its industry-oriented curriculum and practical learning approach. Their UI/UX Design Course includes 2 months of classes and a 2-month internship, giving you valuable hands-on experience. They are also the only institute on the list with an in-house design agency, which can be a great benefit for networking and potential job opportunities. 

The UI/UX design courses in Mumbai focus mostly on the technical side of UX Design. But it includes business and project management parts that might not be helpful for beginners.  

AND Academy 

AND Academy offers certificate, diploma, and postgraduate diploma programs in UI/UX Design. Their courses are designed to cater to different learning needs and experience levels. 

These UI/UX design classes in Mumbai offer UI/UX design courses: 

  • 20-week Certificate Course: For beginners, covering User Research to portfolio building. 
  • 36-week Diploma Course: Intermediate level, adding research methodology, UX Strategy, and brand experience design. 
  • 1-year PG Diploma Course: Advanced, including all aspects of UX UI design with a job guarantee and professional development. 

All UI/UX design courses in Mumbai emphasize hands-on learning and allow seamless progression. A minus point about these UI/UX design courses in Mumbai is they are quick-paced and demanding, needing a lot of time commitment. 


This online platform offers a UI/UX Design Course co-developed with E&ICT, IIT Guwahati. The UI/UX design courses in Mumbai have 12 modules and use games to teach design. Students start with HTML and CSS, then learn about user-centred design and UI UX basics. They focus on technical skills like sketching and usability evaluation. They also get hands-on training with Figma, Marvel, Webflow,, Miro, and Origami Studio. 

Students need to know about software basics before joining. These UI/UX design classes in Mumbai are for people who already know programming. To join, students have to pass a test. 

EDIT (Experience Design and Interface Technology) 

Established in 1990, EDIT provides Design Courses like Graphic Designing, Web Designing, UX Design, and UI Design for mobile apps and websites.  

The UI/UX design courses in Mumbai have three main parts: UI Design, UX Design, and Industry Sessions. It consists of six modules, each focusing on one of these areas, and it emphasizes hands-on learning. Alongside learning Figma software, students also delve into user research, typography, prototyping, and testing. 

The course prioritizes software over design fundamentals and lacks dedicated project work, relying on assignments and case studies instead. Moreover, the duration may not allow for mastery of design tools since it is only for 14 weeks.  


Simplilearn offers a variety of online UI/UX design courses, including a Post Graduate Diploma in UI/UX Design in collaboration with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Their courses are designed for both beginners and experienced professionals.= 

ImaginXP offers online UI/UX design courses that are industry-aligned and practical. They have a team of experienced mentors who provide personalized guidance and support. 

Design Mortals Academy 

Design Mortals Academy is another UI/UX design institute in Mumbai that offers UI/UX design through a comprehensive course. It covers everything from the initial design thinking process to user research, building prototypes, and crafting the final user interface. While it seems thorough, keep in mind it’s location-specific (Mumbai) and might lack the flexibility of online courses. Consider if in-person learning is a must for you, and research online options to compare course content and find the best fit. 

Pearl Academy 

Pearl Academy offers a degree program in User Experience (UX) Design. This program is a good option for those who are looking for a more comprehensive and in-depth education in UX design. This UI UX design training institutes in Mumbai offer a course in UI UX designing. Here, students learn the basics of design and gain skills to make digital products. The training centre of this UI/UX design institute in Mumbai is in Andheri. 

Final Thoughts 

The choice of your UI/UX design courses in Mumbai may decide the direction of your career. Make sure to go through all the UI/UX design courses in Mumbai and the UI/UX design institute in Mumbai to select the one that aligns with your career goals. 

Felix-IT Systems is by far the most balanced choice, making it one of the best UI UX design training institutes in Mumbai. 

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