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Top UI-UX Trends in 2021 and Beyond

A lot of good things happening around, businesses re-opening is one of the greatest things for us as designers.

Businesses now need performance, fresh talent to start with the changing consumer behavior, need fresh designs, alluring experiences for their consumers and UI / UX industry is now getting ready for the new beginnings.

Trends in the UI – UX will come and go. But, this year is special and has a good reason to explore new trends in UI – UX in 2021.

This may happen, a few trends may get so trendy that everyone starts following them and it may create saturation.

Did you know? You need to trendsetter rather than a normal follower if you are mastering design? The design needs freshness, so why not start with fresh trends in 2021?

We suggest you learn from the top 4s UI – UX trends in 2021 given below and start something new, you can combine them and create new designs. We wish you all a very happy new year!

“Design is the body language of your marketing. Don’t slouch.”

– Mark King

Everything is remote and virtual

Nobody could’ve predicted what 2020 brought to us. New trends like work from home and entertainment consumption have brought designers a new opportunity to let people enjoy what they demand. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality became a normal thing and it will keep growing in the new year.

AR – VR is everywhere now. Name any industry, healthcare, real estate, marketing, education, and arts.

Pandemic made people use these technologies just for entertainment purposes, but every other industry took a challenge to adapt them, and now it’s a REALITY.

Every product company out there has decided to enroll AR – VR into their products and this year can be a little bit busy for designers to bring Augmentation and Virtuality into the ‘real’ reality.

AI is here and it’s growing

As a rule, all advanced interface design and development instruments focus on a few significant points:

  • Battling against schedule
  • Crossing over designers and developers
  • Agreeable work with design frameworks
  • Remote work.

The user interface is impacted a lot with the introduction of AI technology. Like Adobe announced their AI-based update in October 2020, have you checked their neural filters yet? As a designer, they might tickle your interests.

Another conceivably encouraging UX/UI trend in 2021 is the generative design. This is the name of projects that can break down a huge cluster of comparative data, discover their defining features and qualities, and afterward make new ones dependent on the given information.

Personalization will matter the most

Personalization in design is a methodology where an organization or brand makes singular content, more personalized and suggestions for every client dependent on their data (personal not sensitive): date of birth, marital status, search pattern and order histories etc. and so on The fundamental objective of personalized design is to convince the users that content is specially made for them.

Personalization is as much a client experience pattern as it is perhaps the best practice these days. Google and Apple keep on creating personal assistants for their ecosystems that would now be able to understand who is dealing with them by voice, face, or fingerprint. Later on, interfaces will turn out to be much more customized and change their appearance, the position of components, tone, and conduct when all is said in done in a squint of an eye.

Personalization is not a simple design strategy to follow. It’s not just about letting users turn between light and dark modes. It’s more than it. And in 2021 we might need to suggest more than screen modes please the user and win their hearts.

Touchless interactions

Another UI and UX trend in 2021 is going to be various methods of handling our devices without touching the screens and air gestures.

Indeed, even before the pandemic, it turned out to be clear that the voice interactions are one of the major UI/UX trends of the years we follow (we recorded voice UIs among the design patterns back in 2019).

Adding a voice-UI to your plan can grow its range. For instance, you can utilize voice chatbots for users to convey utilizing voice orders. The same applies to virtual assistants. In the following years, various brand organizations will make total voice UIs.

After all these trends we need to follow, it stays to feature a UI/UX design trend that won’t ever leave style — design thinking and its relevance. That is, on the off chance that something is a trend in design, at that point, it has the privilege to live, its rationale, and development viewpoint.

The design will never end.

There should be something different behind it. Design is a language with which you impart a brand’s value. At the point when you know the language, you need to make something advantageous with it. Design is all about the plan.


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