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Is UI UX design the right career choice for me?

Are you not sure about investing in the UI/UX design? Are you wondering if you have the right background or if it’s worth having a career change or is it the right option for you?
Guess, we are the answer to all your questions but not as a specific yes or no. Here, at Felix ITs, we have seen UI/UX designers from all the lines of work from sales, accountants, E&TC and mechanical engineers who made their successful career journey in UI/UX design.
Making a career choice for the UI/UX design is pretty easy – whether it’s your first career or change in profile. Your passion and interest are critical to the design of UI/UX. You need to get to know yourself to find out how you can qualify for a UI/UX design career. Let’s first figure out how your traits are adaptable to be a UI/UX designer and then let’s see how investing in UI/UX design is indeed a good career move.

How Good you can fit in UI/UX career?

1) Empathetic personality
   If you are naturally humanistic, you like to work and be with people. Always feel from the perspective of users and you always appreciate user/customer feedback. You will definitely fit well into UX design.  UX design is all about understanding and prioritizing the needs of users.
2) Ardent Technophile
    UX is the humanization of technology and reduction of the gap between the user and the technology. In fact, UX designers help to simplify the use of the latest technology gadgets like the new iPhone, Google Home Hub or Alexa Smart Homes so on. It’s not usually teche but UX is a good choice if you are passionate about learning new technologies.
3) Thrive for a variety
      Are you the persons who feel suffocated with the daily routine.  Stuck in jobs that perform the same task over and over again? So being a UX designer may help you where you wear many hats. UX design is exploring many fields like design, human psychology, problem solving and business. Here one day you will be interacting with clients whereas the other day you might be creating wireframes or doing some presentations to developers.
4) Enjoy problem-solving
         The UX design is all about with solving problems, primarily aiming to solve the specific problems of the user, where they face many additional problems, such as time limit to make the optimal product and budget restrictions,  the main goal is to fulfill the user’s wishes by achieving business goals. If you’re a person with a problem-solving mindset, the UX design is perfect for you.
5) Good ally in work
UX design is not an individual task, it requires collaboration with different areas and great teamwork. UX designers must communicate with peers at every stage of the design process. From identifying user needs, building stakeholder meetings, presenting designs to developers and sharing ideas across the entire team. if you are confident and have good energy when dealing with people, you can enjoy being a UX designer.

How UX design is a good career move for achieving my career goals?

1)Decent Earning
It may be quiet surprising but even the freshers in UX design are making an impressive salary. The average pay for a User Experience Designer is Rs 609,379 per year whereas the average salary for a Senior UX Designer is Rs 939,221 per year.
2) Long lasting future
UX Design job market grew by more than 70% last year and is not showing any signs of a recession. The companies have begun to understand the importance of product differentiation by focusing more on users and giving them a better experience. Thus there will be a long term job security and better opportunities in UI/UX design ahead of time.
3) Chance to diverge
There are several paths for a UI/UX designer from video games to mobile apps, from virtual reality to voice design and so on. Based on the interest they opt for various things than having a steady job.
4) Start Freelancing
If you like to work at your own priorities, the UX design is a great option allowing you to do things remotely, regardless of time and place.
My hope is that all your questions and doubts are cleared. If you want to get started as a UI/UX designer connect with us at Felix-ITs. Get a free consultation and will help you to enter in the new tech job.
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