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Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics - a fusion recipe for business growth  

Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics – a fusion recipe for business growth  

Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics – a fusion recipe for business growth


To ensure the constant growth of your business it’s essential for you to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy and leverage digital marketing analytics. Of course, you have heard about it and already know the importance it holds but are you unable to get the best out of your digital marketing data? Well, to efficiently evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns, you will need to use comprehensive digital marketing analytics.


Often digital analytics is considered as a web-based metric that analyzes customer traffic, click rates, and identifies unique visitors. It is typically associated with common analytics like Google Analytics. As a marketer, you will need more than just data on the performance of your website, you will also need deeper analytics to understand the impact of your marketing strategy throughout your customer journey and their conversion rates.


With the help of analytical data, you can empower your business to be aware of whether your marketing is working and also receive information on areas of improvement. But you can escalate this by smartly blending Web and Digital Marketing analytics, where you can track the missing data while making your marketing strategy more powerful and successful.

Difference between Digital Marketing Analytics and Web Analytics


The core difference between Digital Marketing Analytics and Web Analytics is the area each one of them focuses on. When it comes to Digital Marketing Analytics, the data is collected around the user’s behavior with your website, mobile application, ads, CRM, or social media platforms. While on the other hand, Web Analytics offers information about how your website is performing and can be optimized.


Blending Web Analytics and Digital Analytics



  1. Integrate and configure web analytics for your website as it will help trace your unique web visitors, clicks, exit pages, and other remaining parameters. This will give you a better picture of your customer behavior and understand your marketing strategy’s strongest and weakest links so that you can create a better customer experience on your website.


  1. Identify the sections of your marketing strategy that is not covered within the web analytics. For example, taking note if your mobile app is tracking web analytics, campaign ads for your social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, presence of an offline store. While these parts of the marketing strategy might look less dominant as compared to your website, these can still turn out to be effective ways that can bring a huge customer base. Such data analytics provides information as to which channels are working in your favor and also the ones that are only eating up your marketing budget without any profit.


  1. Expand your data and reports by covering all the missing parameters and this can be done by blending digital analytics with web analytics. To do so, you will need to collect all the necessary data from your ad services, CRM, call tracking services and other data sources. This can be done manually or by outsourcing to specialized services that can help you save time and automate data collection.
    Combine all the collected data within one platform to understand and analyze the performance of all your marketing channels and how they influence one another. Google BigQuery can be your got to tool for combining web analytics and digital analytics data and storing it all in one place.



Now grow your business better by combining the best of both worlds- Web and Digital Marketing Analytics. Unlock the power of deeper data that can keep your marketing strategy on fire and create a better connection with your customers. While web analytics offer you the surface-level picture of your website interaction and activity, digital marketing analytics can enable you to transform your business goals into measurable results that improve your revenue.


Whether you are a digital marketer or a business that wants to upgrade your digital marketing skills to leverage the benefits of Web Analytics and Digital Marketing Analytics, Felix-ITs can be your partner in your training journey. Our meticulously designed courses provide you with the right tips and tricks to crack this fusion of analytics with confidence and knowledge. Get in touch to know more about our offerings in Digital Marketing.



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