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Discover the prominent trends in Full Stack Development in 2022

Welcome to a new year with endless opportunities and the evolution of the full-stack development trends. Web developers are always on the lookout to discover better and more efficient technologies to create improved software. This has brought us to the latest software development trends and following them can help you stay ahead of the game. Develop software solutions that represent the face of performance and modern solutions. Join this quest of making web development innovative, faster, and performance-oriented.

Lets’s take a look at the most notable web development trends of 2022:

  1. Low-code development: Today more than ever, the need for low code development is at its peak. The reason is the continuous updates made in regulations, policies, standards, and processes that can make the complex coding practices slower and inefficient for full-stack developers and organizations. However, for solutions that need such a standard and complex practice, a low code development might not work as the requirement becomes different.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: AI is now the buzzword for various digital solutions and businesses are inclined towards AI as an essential element to deliver optimal solutions. Its ability to improve functions and features helps the software industry to grow the value of its solution/services.
  3. Tool Trends: While full-stack developers opt for JavaScript as the go-to tool or language to build their software; there are various other programming languages such as Node.js, Angular, and React that is gaining popularity at a faster rate. Developers can experient the other languages to explore the capabilities and choose the one that works best for them to meet the requirements.
  4. API First Development: In a world where people are continuously connected to technology like mobile phones, wearables, IoT devices, etc, software solutions should be ready to provide easy and instant connectivity to their users. This can happen only with the API-first approach when developing a web solution.
  5. User-Experience: The focus on user experience is growing and gaining massive importance today, be it on apps or websites. While developing solutions, full-stack developers should aim to create a multi-experience for their users that can add value and engagement.
  6. IoT: IOT also known as the ‘Internet of Things’ is the most important web development trend a full-stack developer should follow. It is has shown us the impact of the internet on our everyday lives as it enables users to connect home devices and similar accessible devices to their mobile phones. This means uniting technology for better performance, increased control, and management for users as well as industrial uses.
  7. Blockchain Technology: Blockchain is the new and advanced face of secured and transparent banking transactions. To deliver this service, companies require the development of blockchain software; making it an in-demand opportunity for full-stack developers to enter into this industry of scope and invention.
  8. IT Outsourcing: It is no longer a hidden fact that the global outsourcing market is expanding significantly and is trending now more than ever. IT companies are looking for ways to reduce their overhead cost and increase efficiency when developing software and solutions. This is when they decided to turn the wheels toward outsourcing developers instead of hiring them full-time.
  9. Progressive Web App & Accelerated Mobile Pages: Let us break it down for easy understanding. PWA is created to provide users with a native mobile experience that is extremely fast and enhances interactions for a better user experience.
    AMP works for content that is static by loading HTML faster and utilizes engaging elements that sync well alongside texts, images, and so on. Using these practices can help developers create an amazing user experience and user engagement.
  10. Web Assembly: When it comes to developing a desktop app, developers can face challenges in teams of its performance and user interaction. To counter this, developers can go for Web Assembly that brings in this new format of creating web apps that can perform in a native-like nature.

With these trends, ace your full-stack development game and build a solution that can create a powerful user experience. But are you new to this industry or still need some brushing on your full-stack developer skills?


Felix-ITs full-stack developer courses can provide you with the knowledge and experience to build software. Our training model aims to boost all areas of full-stack development skills and equip you with the right skillset to leverage these trends.



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