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What Are Essential Skills Companies Looking For Junior Android Developers?

Getting Familiar with Android Development, the most important skills for this field include Java, C++, Android SDK and more. Although developing Android apps can be done using different technologies, most employers look for developers who utilize Java and Android Studio or Eclipse as their IDE.

Knowledge pertaining to Android SDK is a must for companies looking to move ahead in the industry. Thus, an understanding about layouts and views is essential along with familiarising yourself with the debugger so that you can easily troubleshoot bugs that may surface when coding the app. Developers should possess the ability to work their own API or a third party API.

Sometimes developers are needed to work on the back-end of a system. This may not be easy, as back-end technologies usually vary a great deal. However, once you have familiarised yourself with the syntax of the language and the architecture of the system with help of a reputed Android training classes in Pune, it won’t take long for you to develop back-end skills.

Android technology is evolving at a rapid rate and the only way to keep track of these changing trends is by getting Android training in Pune from institutes that are known for having intensive training programs. Devices containing this exciting technology are being adopted with great success throughout the world, thus providing great career scope for those interested in becoming Android developers.

Required skills:

  • Technical skills :
    • Java
    • Android SDK
    • Knowledge of APIs
    • GIT
    • Backend Skills
  • Non-Technical Skills :
    • Passion
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
  • Other Common Requirements
    • At least one APP on play store
    • Updates on latest Technology

What is the earning potential?
Good developers who have hones their skills to perfection have the opportunity to earn a salary beginning at INR120,000 and going all the way up to INR580,000 the moment they have a few years of experience to their credit. Statistics of 2015 show that more than 82% of smartphones that were purchased by people, are Android operated. So given the huge demand that exists for Android devices, there certainly exists immense scope for Android developers in India.

How to Take That First Step?
Being an Android developer means you have to be constantly updated with the changes taking place in this field. While the job may be rewarding, it is also highly challenging especially with newer and more complex trends coming out every day. This is why you need Android training in Pune from Felix-ITs to help you develop the skills to prosper in this line. Having established itself as a place that offers comprehensive training programs, you will certainly be able to hone your skills with the courses offered here thus allowing you to pursue the career of your dreams with no pitfalls.

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