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5 Most Important UI-UX Skill

Here are the top 5 Skills Which Can Help You Stand Out in the Industry As A UI/UX Designer

We know you want to become a better UI/UX designer but becoming an extra-ordinary candidate or professional in the industry doesn’t mean equipping yourself with just the newest design tools or resources. It is about whole-heartedly dedicating yourself in the field and working with passion.

Mastering tools, skills and the business knowledge in the UI/UX field is must but what are the practical ways you can follow to become a successful UI/UX designer? 

Our expert trainers and management team at Felix ITs decided to list down some of the practical ways we let our students explore at our indoor training facilities…we bring this list in the Blog format for our online readers…

Tools and techniques

We won’t suggest any tools or techniques but you need to find out the best suitable tools for you by practising yourself. If you read our other blogs, you will discover that we promote self-study when it comes to giving the user an experience they are looking for in the website or an app. Time and practice are the important factors to shape your career in UI/UX field, but if you are looking for a job on a high demand basis, we would recommend you get enrolled in the various courses offered by Felix-ITs in our Pune facility. To know more click here.

Become a USER

By becoming a user, you put yourself into the real shoes of the ‘customers’. This kind of ‘roleplay’ would help you understand what ‘you’ have to create. You have to create the design knowing the intention of the users and what they want to see. Supply arises from the demand, this golden rule remains the same everywhere, even with the design strategy. You can deliver something out of the box but it should be in line with the demand or what the client is expecting.

Whenever possible, you have to establish a connection with the user through your holistic design.

To improve your own design, you need to be very careful and kind while asking questions to them, this way, you would get proper answers and feedback from them in order to implement in your design which will eventually improve your design and strategy.

Change the way you LEARN

Changing the way you learn impacts your progress in design. Do you read? Do you read books? Reading about only design and strategy won’t help you. Design is a feeling, mix of emotions, play as well as fun. You need to read about philosophy, art, architecture, engineering, humour, comedy and much more. Reading and learning everything about design won’t develop your sense of design. To become a good designer, you need to be a good reader.

While you get time from your daily practice, get some more time out and bring yourself in the library or buy some used books and start reading about what this world is built on. 

I know I am saying something very vague in this point, but bringing a sense of design, you need to prepare yourself for the industry by developing the ‘inner’ you.

Explore people

We are not saying change your friends but stop talking to people having only interest in design and UI/UX related fields. We are not even saying to make new friends by opposing your mind. 

We agree with people who agree with us. We prefer spending time with people having the same interests or similar perspectives about things. Why not meet people with opposite thoughts? WE are not saying meet people with contrast in thoughts yet, you need to explore people around the various thought processes in order to balance your thinking and draw a more balanced picture in your life.

Being open to endless inspiration sources is a good quality in a great designer. Just for an example, if you are designing for an automotive app, if you have knowledge how a piston works or how an ABS works or what are hydraulic breaks, it will turn out to be great in your design as well as copies you will be making for the design.

Learn with the best

We are social animals. We hardly love to be alone. Working alone might slow down your climbing process of the UI/UX designing. Try to be around the people with the same passion, explore the world of designing and share your knowledge whenever possible. Wrong concepts and half-knowledge are always dreadful. Correct your thoughts and expand your practice with the people having the same interest as yours.

If people around you are more experienced than you, try to get the maximum knowledge out of them. People share knowledge, consume the max out of it. 

UI/UX designing is being modest, you are not perfect, neither your seniors and peers are. Try to be more active around the topics you like, try to like the topics your people like.

After you get bored with the self-exploration and want a streamlined thought-process in UI/UX designing, come join us at Felix-ITs. We are a group of passionate designers, developers and thinkers of how design strategy goes and works. 

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