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Here's How You Can Monetize Them…

Have UX Design Skills? Here’s How You Can Monetize Them…

Have you heard a concept named passion to paycheck?

As a UX designer, you need to step up in your game and start encashing your skills and talent.

If you’ve already thought about yet don’t know the direction, this article is made for you.

Something I love about being a designer is the adaptability of potential income sources. How about we let it out, no one gets a kick out of the chance to tie up of their assets in one place and no one should. Luckily, designers are always in a great position.

In this post, I have mentioned 5 ways you can make money from your design skills in the UX industry, and personally, I have tried everything listed down below and have successfully made a cash out of my designing skills.

Just because I have mentioned 5 ways here doesn’t imply that there are no more or that you should do each of the five. All things considered, I would suggest picking just a few and focus just on those.

So, let’s start…

  1. Getting a job as a designer

So, this is pretty much obvious. Many designers have objectives to go freelance full-time when they are able. But, working on your own isn’t for everybody and we as a whole know the advantages of being employed. A UI/UX designer position is popular nowadays. A ton of companies and studios can bear the cost of six-figure compensations for good designers.

If you discover a great studio to work for, you may have a ton of opportunity, have the option to work from home, earn substantial sums of money and the organization will even help your development by putting resources into your education and helping you become a notable designer. Moreover, you’ll get an opportunity to deal with important activities that you would never handle all alone.

At Felix-ITs, we offer support to our students to find a suitable opportunity in the industry.

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  1. Doing on your own – Freelancing

Custom projects for customers are presumably the most widely recognized methods of how designers bring in cash. But, I believe it’s sort of a mixed business.

It is extremely compensating without a doubt and you can earn substantial sums of money rapidly. It can help you with getting a ton of experience as a designer and have a chance to work with multiple and wide range of customers and teams on different projects.

The disadvantage is that you’ll need to directly manage customers (it’s not generally a pleasurable encounter if you commit a few errors in qualifying your prospects) and be answerable for billing, managing, and estimating the undertakings (the huge one!).

But eventually, you’ll love to do it all by yourself.

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  1. Start teaching

This is something I do at Felix-ITs. Yes, teaching is a full-time job but this point covers something different.

If you love teaching as a basic thing, teaching UX design and its core concepts won’t be difficult if you have enough skills.

You can start off as an online teacher on YouTube for the beginning, then by marketing yourself on social media and other platforms, you can gather your own community of students.

Start by providing free lessons and things that actually attract students.

Teaching important skills may be your most ideal approach to carry people to your courses and fabricate your own community. If you choose to change later to selling design products or counseling, you’ll have an excellent establishment. You’ll have a major group of people who definitely know you and trust you, which will make launching something a lot simpler.

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  1. Selling design products

Website templates can be a good start.

There is a consistently high demand for site templates. I can code and I had the option to make a complete WordPress theme without anyone else, yet regardless of whether your focus is just on design, you can in still partner with a web developer and split income 50/50 or sell only your PSD or Sketch files.

Other than the site templates, there are huge amounts of other digital items you can make and sell like illustrations, icons, product mockups, patterns, logos, textures, stationery templates, and wireframe kits, etc.

Whatever you use in your own work, there are presumably a huge number of designers that may require it as well. Also, remember that whatever you sell should be backed up with great customer support. Your clients may have questions about how to use your product or sometimes, they would need custom products too. You need to satisfy your customers’ needs.

  1. Consulting

Consulting is more about advising and guiding than doing the actual design work that I referred to before. So, Consulting is a part of customer work, yet I needed to give it a special spot on my list.

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You can offer UI/UX design reviews, audits, or art direction for organizations that as of now has a group of designers. Do some research, user testing, A/B testing, and afterward, propose your changes. Even start productizing your services to make the whole selling process simpler for both you and your customers.

To sum up, I’ll just add that enjoying what you love will earn you more.

It’s up to you what method you’ll use to make money out of your design skills. If you love working with clients, go for designing, if you hate it, you can simply start teaching to selling your own design products.

What are your thoughts? Do let me know in the comments section below.


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