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How Can You Grow as a Digital Marketer? – Job Roles and Career Opportunities

Today more than ever, digital marketing has been an absolute mandate for every business to keep up with their competition. With technology and instant access to the internet, an audience is readily available to be reached, making digital marketing the best possible channel. Also, it’s a content-driven market, which means consumers now rely on what actual people think about the service or products or their views over what the traditional advertisements show their audience.


Seeing this drastic shift in market outlook and business strategy, the demand for having digital marketers in organizations is significantly high. Digital marketers can find themselves having a successful career if opted.


Why can Digital Marketing be a good career option?


The digital marketing industry is expanding and growing day by day, offering endless opportunities to those aspirers who are willing to learn and enhance their skills.


Addressing the demand-supply gap


The current digital marketing scenario requires enhanced skills and professionals of high caliber that can fill up the supply gap in the job market. This resulted in a 44% increase in demand for digital marketing professionals, and an aspirer should take up this opportunity to enter the market.


Leverage bigger budgets


Since the focus has shifted to digital marketing, organizations are putting their foot forward in shelling out huge budgets to hire highly skilled digital marketing professionals. This opens doors to creating more jobs, more pay, and multiple career options for digital marketing professionals.


In-demand skill


As mentioned before digital marketing is growing and so is the demand for digital marketing skills. It has become the most in-demand skill in the current marketing industry. As a result, it offers the option of becoming an in-demand professional.


Discover the scope in digital marketing


Dive into the pool of scope and opportunities for the digital marketing industry. There are many career choices across different sectors and digital channels to pick from, starting from an SEO expert, a social media marketing professional, or a content specialist. These choices can be made by keeping in mind personal interests, evolving technologies, and career goals.


Kick start to your career


New to the digital marketing world? Well, this can be an excellent boost to the start of your career and pave a pathway for you. No matter the size of the organization, everyone is looking for digital marketers that give you a platform to showcase your skills and start your career.


Seize the opportunity to display creative skills


Digital marketing is an exciting and different job. It offers the room to showcase your creativity in your everyday digital marketer tasks that may include writing, designing, or developing products and marketing.


What are the top career options for a digital marketer?


Digital Marketing Manager: With 5years plus experience, this is the top-most position held in the digital marketing industry. The critical role of the digital marketing manager is to take care of all the digital marketing strategies that will help drive more traffic and develop digital marketing campaigns for businesses.


Content marketing manager: This role demands writing compelling content with a thorough understanding of digital marketing. As a content marketing manager, you might need to work with a team or even with stakeholders to collate information, understand the formats and trends for each marketing channel and industry.


SEO Expert: The SEO responsibilities include the task of researching keywords, analyzing online traffic, developing social media strategies, creating a content strategy, planning and organizing campaigns to improve ranking.


Influencer: If you have a huge social media presence with a high number of followers, then this can be your job. A social media influencer promotes brands within your followers through daily life activities.


User experience designer: A very important role of designing the look and feel of an interface where customers will be interacting with their customers.


PC/SEM expert: For a PPC expert, the main task is to generate leads for the company by managing the PPC keywords, generating reports, managing the budget for ads, etc.


Copywriter: The job of a copywriter is to write compelling posts, ad copies, and other content that go viral or help an SEO expert write web content that will increase the website’s organic traffic.


Social media marketing expert: As a social media marketing expert, you will have the responsibility to build the company’s brand on social media, do promotions, write content, and monitor results.


Tap into this ocean of wide opportunities and career choices of the digital marketing industry with Felix-ITs. We offer a curated digital marketing program that will train digital marketers or aspirers to take a step ahead to a successful career. Get in touch to know more.






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