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Know Your Full-Stack Development Tools

Whether you are new to full-stack development or a professional looking to improve your programming skills, knowing the right set of tools is the key. Tools in full-stack development can help make your web development easy and agile. Having a fair amount of knowledge on the usage of these tools can definitely work in your favor. Not just that, if you are well-versed with the current and relevant tools of the industry, they can provide quality to your programming and eventually, give you the edge to get higher-paying jobs and faster career growth in web development.


The ever-changing or evolving nature of this field means there are more and more tools being available in the market every day. In order to understand them, we have shortlisted a couple of the most common tools that you will need in your day-to-day web and application development.


Front-End Developer & Back-End/ Server-Side Tools


Front-end development tools help build websites and apps with ease and in speeding up the whole process with several built-in features.

Other than developing websites, a full-stack developer is also responsible for developing the products for the backend of any website or building the structure of a software application. The below mentioned tools can help speed up your productivity.

Here are some of the handiest tools and languages.



AngularJS is an open-source Javascript framework, which is maintained by Google. It enables you to express all the components of the application briefly and handle a dynamic view by just widening the syntax of your HTML. Its data binding capability helps you reduce the amount of code you would need to write otherwise.



React is developed and maintained by Facebook. It is a Chrome DevTools extension for the open-source React JavaScript library for building UI. You can use it to develop single-page applications or mobile applications, thanks to its extra simplicity and flexibility.




One of the most popular and free libraries, BootStrap, is a great tool to help your development get easier. It contains several templates for forms, navigation, buttons, typography based on CSS & JavaScript.



JavaScript is the most used and text-based programming language which helps in creating interactive and dynamic elements in your web pages. It is best used to engage your viewers and readers.



Ruby on Rails:

This is an open-source server-side application that runs on Ruby. Rails is a development tool that can help give you a framework and structure for all the codes you will write.



It is a free, open-source PHP web framework with simple, readable syntax for PHP programmers. You can use it for building custom web apps using PHP.



It’s called a web framework for perfectionists with deadlines as it cuts down the coding to be written for an application. This is a python-based web framework that allows rapid development of secure and maintainable websites.



This is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment. You can easily build fast and scalable network applications as it is light, making it efficient for data-intensive real-time applications.

It is a developer platform that combined tools, programming languages, and libraries for building different types of applications.



Python is a high-level interpreted programming language that is used for general purposes. The language mainly focuses on code readability and is widely used for web development, machine learning, mobile application development, etc.



It is a NoSQL database for modern apps that can store and manage huge volumes of unstructured data. This enables you to create extremely complex structures, define relationships, build hierarchies, and store arrays.



SQL, Structured Query Language, is a domain-specific programming language that is majorly used for the management and retrieval of data stored in a relational database management system. It is basically used for updating or deleting records.


Other Important Tools you can try out

Apache, EmberJS, Stack Overflow, Zend Framework, PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL-, jQuery, Monitis, GitHub, Redis, Sphinx, Redis.


Will these tools help you to become a successful full-stack developer?


Not really! But they will definitely make your job easier and more efficient. You can use these tools for every aspect of your projects, starting from communication to writing code and even collaboration. Once you have hands-on experience in using these tools, it will help you save a lot of time while opening doors to multiple possibilities which was not possible earlier.

Apart from these full-stack development tools and technical knowledge, a full-stack developer should also have analytical and critical thinking abilities, collaborative skills, precision for details, time management, and execution skills. You see, how it is a combination of all the aspects that can help you reach the goal you want to achieve in the full-stack development world.


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