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Must Have Skills for a Full Stack Developer

Must Have Skills for a Full Stack Developer in 2021-22

In a world full of IT developers, who might be a versatile professional according to you?

We say a full stack developer can term himself/herself as a versatile professional. Full stack developers are well-versed with both frontend and backend web development. They are the multi-talented professional you’ll find in any IT company.

Since the digital age seems to be infinite in terms of presence and influence on our lives, more brands and businesses are demanding a unique online presence with their websites.

Eventually, the world of web development is seeing growth like never before, and thus, full stack developers are high in demand.

If you are considering full stack development as a long lasting career option, you need to know some basic skills you need to possess.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

Before you choose Felix-ITs’ full stack development course, you need to understand the role of a full stack developer and the components of web development. Particularly, web development is divided into two parts – frontend development and backend. Hence, every web or mobile application has two parts – a frontend and a backend.

While the frontend is normally a visible part of the application using which, a user can interact. The backend is the part where actual work happens. The backend of an application has business logic (how the system functions and how the data flows through a series of tasks), how data will be stored and where the actual solution runs.

A full stack is created when both frontend and backend combine. It’s that simple. A tech stack includes an operating system, a server, a database, and essential tools like libraries, frameworks, environments, etc. When such tech stacks are combined and run together, they create a Full Stack.

A Full Stack Developer is a software expert who has profound knowledge of frontend (client-side) development and backend (server-side) development. Full Stack Developers know each layer of tech stacks that are used in the making of a software product. They are familiar with each layer functions and, can manipulate all the backend components.

As a full stack developer, you need to have a broad skill set and an extremely good knowledge base. Thus, you’ll need to acquire years of experience in order to flaunt the badge of a Full Stack Developer. A full stack developer is highly valued by large companies and small startups too. A full stack web development course surely increases your chances of getting hired at your dream job as adding certifications from authorized institutions like Felix-ITs increases the value of your resume.

What are some ‘must-have’ Full Stack Developer skills?

A full stack developer needs to have a variety of skills.

Let’s discuss some non-negotiable skills a full stack developer needs to have.


HTML is Hypertext Markup Language, and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. HTML is useful in adding web content, and CSS is a tool to personalize the designs and styling of a website. Both HTML and CSS are useful in deciding the look and feel of a website.

Full Stack Developers need to have proper knowledge of HTML to define the structure of web pages. Full Stack Developers must know these programming languages.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is necessary for a full stack developer when it comes to web and software development. The object-oriented scripting language is popularly used for adding behaviors using HTML.

Full stack developers need to know the basics of JavaScript along with features like React and Angular.

Full stack developers also need to have the whereabouts of new frameworks, libraries, and tools along with the usability of DOm and JSON.

  1. Git and GitHub

Git is an open-source “distributed version control system” that can help you with all your development needs.

Git allows full stack developers to track every minor modification made on the application codebase.

They should know about all the essential Git commands and models. Utilizing Git enables Full Stack Developers to investigate interesting opportunities for security, productivity, and management.

Information about Git allows Full Stack Developers to all the more likely collaborate and help out their fellow web developers who are chipping away at a similar project.

  1. Backend languages

While we’ve covered the two most basic frontend languages, HTML and CSS (alongside JavaScript), the other significant piece of an application or software is the backend.

While backend development is an entirely different game, there’s a lot of programming languages to look over. Doing a full stack web advancement course will enable you to learn the necessary languages required to become a full stack engineer.

A Full Stack Developer must know the following languages for backend development:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  1. Web architecture

Full Stack Developers are the wizards of programming and software development. They are outfitted with different abilities relating to both frontend and backend development.

Full Stack Developers need to have deep knowledge of web architecture. Since their initial responsibility is to develop complex software applications from start, they must know how to develop the code, categorize the files, structure the data in databases, and drive the necessary computational tasks.


To finish up, Full Stack Developers are profoundly skilled specialists who can deal with all that related to web advancement. These Full Stack Developer skills are what differentiates them from Frontend and Backend Developers.

If you want to learn about full-stack software development, enrolling in a full stack web development course will help you master full-stack web development. Check out Felix-ITs’ Full-stack Software Development which is particularly designed for students as well as working professionals and offers deep knowledge in theory along with practicals.

Moreover, we also offer a 100% Job Guarantee for our students.

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