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Good Times Rolling for UI/UX Design – Join the Bandwagon Now!

You have heard the name. Graphic Designing was once a concept attracting so many creative minds. Design is a concept not going away any time sooner.

Design now has so many branches and two of them are User Interface Design and User Experience Design.

Although the terms sound a little bit technical, they have ‘design’ as the core theme.

With so many students and professionals changing their core curriculum & industries, UI & UX design is a field where we can so many non-tech people becoming successful. So, are you a good fit for this industry?

This article is made for you if you have questions like…

  • What is UX, and what does a UX designer actually do?
  • Are UX designers in demand in 2021?
  • Is it a good time to join UI/UX industry?
  • How has COVID-19 affected the UX industry?
  • Can I be a good fit in UI/UX design industry?
  • Will it be harder for me to find work in 2021?
  • How to become a UX designer?

We know most of you have the same questions and with this article, we are going to give you brief answers to your common questions.

Let’s start.

Although, nobody can answer you if you ask them if you would be a good fit for the industry. UI & UX design industry has people from all walks of life. There is no rule or specific curriculum set to assure you of any kind of degree in UI-UX. At Felix-ITs, we have seen everyone from the IT field, healthcare professionals, and even accountants. Everyone is welcome. Everyone can become a successful UX designer.

So, let’s understand basic concepts.

What is UX, and what do UX designers actually do?

User experience or UX is an interaction of a person with a particular product or service. Hard to understand? UX is your journey of purchasing any kind of product online or say subscribing to your favorite food ordering platform for a PRO plan. The buttons you press, the design you see and the text you read are everything a part of UI & UX. But, UI UX design is not limited to any website or mobile app. It’s everywhere; it’s in the infotainment system of a car, a medical apparatus, and many more.

UI-UX designers do research, create a plan, and design. UI UX designers need to have good imagination & thinking in order to succeed in the field.

Are UX designers in demand in 2021?

Before you put your time and money while choosing this field, you need to be certain that your job prospects are strong. Particularly in and after 2021 where job prospects are getting lesser and lesser, people are surviving well paying jobs and increasing competition. You need to consider research more about the industry.

Indeed, UX designers are in good demand. The Tech industry is recovering faster and thus, graphic designers and UX designers are in demand heavily. People need technology faster, innovative, and affordable. Thus, many UX companies are looking for quirky UX designers.

Is it a good time to join UI/UX industry?

LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster, every job platform is full of job vacancies for UX designers. Yes, this is a good time to join the UX force and Felix-ITs guarantees a job if you are completing a course with us. With UX designing skills, there are plenty of open job opportunities for you. Just search for a product designer, and you’ll get an idea.

How has COVID-19 affected the UX industry?

Even in the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond, UX design jobs are in abundance. We expect this trend to remain the same throughout 2021 and beyond. Although, the global pandemic indeed changed some things for the UX industry. With the remote UX and some sectors doing better than others, UX designers need to learn new techniques like remote research, changed user persona, etc.

Can I be a good fit in UI/UX design industry?

With the right skills and techniques you own, you will be just fine in the industry. But, you need to keep evolving and advancing when it comes to user experience as a concept. People are changing, their behavior is changing and so does the process of UX. If you have strong mentors with you, you will definitely be a good fit for the UX industry. Willing to have a mentor for you? We have got plenty.

Will it be harder for me to find work in 2021?

UX designers will continue to be in demand. Still here are some answers to your questions if you are new to this industry and wondering if you can land a new job or switch the industry easily?

  • Your experience as an online student is a big advantage in an economy where employers will hire remote roles easily.
  • Freshers actually appeal more to employers. You are coming in without any preconceptions and thus, freshers are always welcome.

How to become a UX designer?

Start reading. While you are at it, here is a pool of information on UX designing from Felix-ITs.

The next step is you start learning concepts in the UX industry which will allow you an understanding of how UX designers work and what they do.

You can get in touch with our mentors’ team and we will guide you on how you can acquire the skills needed and become a UX designer.

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