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Part 3- An Interview kit that will guide you to nail your job interviews for a lifetime

As soon as you come out of the interview room there is a continuous replay in your head of whatever happens inside the room…yes it’s normal. You start thinking on it continuously and end up overthinking and overanalyzing yourself on each point that happened inside the room. Here is what you need to start with and come out of it:  


A thank you note:

Convey and Express the opportunity and time you got to show your personality in front of talented people. The letter should be concise, to the point, and should not look like an essay. At the ending also show your interest and you are eagerly awaiting to work with their company. The right time to send this letter is most probably after 1-2 days of your interview. 

By this follow-up mail, you’ll give a reminder to the interviewer that you are interested in working with them and a strong fit for the position.


It is important to do the assessment of your interview. There are always few questions that you feel you would have answered better, so write down the question and the answers. Understand which type of questions were asked so that you’ll get to know the pattern of questions on the designation you are interested in. Analyze where you are unable to answer and which thing could have been better. Self-analyzing will help to give yourself a reality check and show you where you stand now and level up your preparedness for the interviews.  

Each thing has a stopping point so after writing it down you should move on from the interview and not overthink it.


Keep the zest alive:

Don’t feed the negative thoughts coming into your mind after your interview. I know it’s difficult to resist. Do your favorite activity and divert them by getting involved in what you love.

I know it is easier said than done but it is important to stop thinking in the rush of your thoughts. Overthinking the interview will demotivate you and that will affect your next lined up interview. Focus on the goal you have automatically you’ll start doing things needed to achieve that goal.


Connect on LinkedIn:

Connecting with your interviewer is an essential part of your personal networking. This not only helps you to network with people but also lets you open doors for future opportunities. So connect with people after your interview.


Prepare for what’s next:

Self-analysis which we covered is a part of preparing for next, apart from this try to find other leads for interviews prepare the questions again based on past interview experience, and improvise accordingly. 

As said earlier don’t lose your focus on your goal. Don’t get discouraged from the past interview, big things take time and so you gonna take time….It was good to be with you on this entire journey and I know you’ll do your best…See you in our next blog with new and essential insights to help you to reach the successful destination you want.

This is  part 1 of 3 part  series, check out our other 2 parts – 1) Before Interview 2) during the interview 

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