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A complete guide on how to face job interviewsJob interview

Part 1- An Interview kit that will guide you to nail your job interviews for a lifetime

Pre-interview preps for any interview you face.

Hey Buddy, 

I know the times are difficult and I feel what you are feeling right now..applying continuously, waiting for the call from the companies, holding your fingers crossed with a lot of hopes, facing rejections..phew it’s a lot…and you are not alone in this. The times are hard and the market is upgrading every day which intensifies competition. In addition to all our adulthood problems, there is one more added taking all the possible footage…the virus. When corona hit the market it was not only huge competition but also the drop of job opportunities, which made it more critical to crack the interview and step into the world of judgments, okay I mean “The Corporate”.

But now we have time in our hands to nail it when the opportunity comes to you. Okay so take your pen and paper and keep the fearful thoughts away. Let’s start with some homework before appearing in the exam


Get your fundamentals right : 

Exam likhne gaye ho and syllabus hi pata nahi toh Pappu pass kaise hoga?…Similarly is the interview, you have to have a stronghold on the fundamentals bole toh basics of the designation on which the job will work 

For example, if they are hiring for a Data engineer, they expect you to have strong analytical skills with clear technical terms, a good hold on mathematical modules, statistical tools, machine learning algorithms, etc with their applications..


If they are hiring for a UI-UX developer they expect you to know about the empathy map, design thinking process, technical terms used in UI-UX Designing with their applications, so get your fundamentals right.

Understand job requirements:

Best way to assume what the interviewer is gonna ask majorly lies in here, understand why they are hiring in the first place. Go to different sites where they have posted their job vacancy and read the job description. Takedown pointers and get your fundamentals right based on the requirement. This will help you get the attention of people in the interview room.


Know the company:

Read about the company thoroughly. There will be a few questions or activities around the company during the interview, and at that time you can answer based on the company facts or the industry facts which connects them with relevancy and your preparedness for the job. 


Take catalytic references: 

3 active references who will be a Catalyst to your interview. So have 3 references ready if you are a fresher then academic references will work too and if you are having work experience take professional reference of your seniors.


Rate your cards to play the card:

Rate your skills so that you can understand the area in which you are the best. This will help to divert the conversation from what you don’t know to what you know during the interview. Playing the right card won’t leave a negative impression on the people inside the room.


Prepare a list of questions to ask your interviewer at the end: 

Get your doubts clear before joining the company. The question should be genuine and not only for the sake of asking, so understand the company and give the last impression leaving a mark on them.


Be prepared with your file: 

Alling all the documents according to the resume and a few of your work if you have worked in a particular industry. I know we are a mess but let’s just keep that to us and organize everything well to escape last-minute finding struggle.


Find the common interview questions and practice your answers: 

Few questions will be definitely asked to you and that will be ice-breaking in the room if answered rightly. I have attached a few questions..okay thank us later but first, go on that blog and prepare all the questions in that list.

While preparing these questions let’s get back to the tradition of pen and paper which will help you in remembering answer’s better.

I know there is a rush of adrenaline with so much pressure and thought but don’t worry you got this okay…Take good sleep and healthy food during the whole process, it is equally important as your preparation…All the best buddy for preparation and see you in our next blog which will get you through how you should face the entire interview. See you on the other side!

This is  part 1 of 3 part  series, check out our other 2 parts – 2) During Interview 3) After the interview 

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