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Part 2- An Interview kit that will guide you to nail your job interviews for a lifetime

During interview points which will help you throughout your lifetime

Okay, so here is the day where you enter the room of judgment but don’t panic… If we can go through an Indian society then we can pretty much pass this as well. Don’t let them feel the fear on your face. So before entering the room, remember 5 things always and carry this with you for your whole life wherever you go.



This is more about how you turn up the room, either full of light with a smile or a silence full of staring faces that freaks the shit out of you. Bring all the energy you have and light up the room with your smile. These vibes will make them feel that Bande/Bandi mai kuch toh hai.

Show that you are keen and curious to learn new things and explore each thing that comes along with your job.


If you don’t have it fake the things which you can’t because no one knows everything. If you are not comfortable with Hindi then start with English then go into Hindi and in case the room stares you with Hindi convince them that you can better explain them in Hindi. Confidence will convince them to hire you so fake it until you make it.

Play right card right time:

As in the previous blog, I wrote about rating the skills that will help you turn the conversations in your way round. In this way, you get the opportunity to actually show your USPs and flaunt your skills at the right time kicking out the negative impression. 



The corporate is looking for people who are ready to put themselves on the ground and be ready to get anything coming out of your comfort zone. If you are not able to understand or answer right now…Make them believe that “You are a kind of a person where if you don’t know something, you’ll figure out all the ways to know that thing and understand it. They anyway have to make every new employee learn about the company and things initially so show them that you’re passionate about learning. 


Convert the interview into a conversation. Tell the inner you that the person you are talking to is a human and not a ghost, talk to him like you talk to your relative. Until and unless you don’t go from communication to conversation, you won’t be comfortable explaining anything.

In every field, something is changing every day and so they need people who have confidence in them with a positive attitude and the ability to work hard to break through the hurdles that the company is facing. Show them you can do it and yes you can.

All the best for the interview don’t forget to drink a lot of water and have a healthy meal before you step into the interview.

You got this alright!

This is  part 1 of 3 part  series, check out our other 2 parts – 1) Before Interview 3) After the interview 

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