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Top 20 UI UX Designer Interview Questions and Answers

Here’s a fun fact to begin with.

Almost 85% of the people lie blatantly on their resumes. This is why companies always prefer to hold longer interview sessions to test the candidates and understand their real skills.

The same logic applies to UI UX designer interview sessions. Since such interviews can get pretty daunting, especially for newcomers, we have prepared an extensive list of the 20 most common UI UX interview questions and answers. Go through every UI/UX designer interview question and answer in the following article and prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges.

1. Introduce yourself

This question is expected, be it for a technical or non-technical job. This question gives them a general idea about you and your ability to leave a lasting impression. The best way is to structure your answer by being clear and concise.

2. What is UI UX?

The main intention behind this question is to understand your understanding of the subject. You can explain the basics in short.

3. Why do you want to pursue UI UX?

While this might not be a technical UX designer technical interview question and answer, it is necessary to provide a definite answer. You can start by showcasing your passion and giving a brief story of how UI UX inspires you.

4. Tell me your favorite UI UX examples

You can give 2-3 examples of your preferred UI UX examples. It will also help your case to point out a few errors in the famous UI UX designs to showcase your in-depth knowledge.

5. What is the difference between UI and UX?

While this is considered a fundamental UI UX interview question and answer, the correct answer can help the interviewer understand your strong foundations.

6. What do you like the most about UI UX?

You can explain your favorite aspects of UI UX and give a brief idea about your future plans to improve the same skills.

7. What are the challenges that come with UI UX?

One can explain the difficulties they face while dealing with UI UX. It can be elaborated in such a way that describes how one is willing to tackle the same challenges in their favor.

8. Tell me about your research methods?

This question helps the interviewer understand the familiarity with the research procedures that are required to become a proficient UI UX designer.

You can talk about the varying research methods and the individual benefits and limitations.

9. What is your expertise as a UI UX designer?

This can be your time to shine and showcase your expertise in the field of UI UX design. This can be backed up by past projects or campaigns undertaken by you.

10. Where do you lag when being a UI UX designer?

Rather than being all-knowing, it is best to explain your weaknesses. Also, explain how you are planning to overcome those shortcomings as a UI UX designer.

11. What is your source of inspiration?

Instead of saying what you think is an ideal source of inspiration, you must remain truthful. It will help the interviewer gain a better perspective of your process and level of creativity.

While there are no wrong or correct answers to this question, it is best to provide more than one source of inspiration.

12. Tell me your views on the current state of UI UX.

This question is to mainly understand your stand on the current changes in the field of UI UX. This is why it is necessary for you to stay on top of the changing trends.

13. How do you see yourself as a UI UX designer in the coming future?

Give a sneak peek of your future plans as a UI UX designer. It can help the employer understand how much hard work you are willing to put in.

14. What is required before working on the UI UX Design?

You can explain your workflow while answering this question. Along with that, you must be as detailed as possible when it comes to your requirements.

15. Why should we hire you?

This is where you can explain your skills and experience and how they can bring a difference to the organization.

16. Why do you want to work with us?

This question is asked to help employers understand whether or not research has been done about the organization or not.

17. How would you define the timeline of your design?

Be truthful and explain the aspects that come easy to you and the ones that are time-consuming as far as UI UX is concerned.

18. How well do you deal with constructive feedback?

As a UI UX designer, you will most definitely get feedback from your superiors. It is necessary to show a positive spirit towards feedback.

19. Are you a team player?

UI UX design is teamwork. It is crucial that you show your willingness to work in a team and not as a lone player.

20. Do you have any questions for us?

Generally, this question denotes the end of the interview round. Make the most of it by asking about the organization, typical work day, etc.



Being fully prepared before appearing for a UI UX designer interview is necessary. Equipping yourself with the right UI UX designer interview questions and answers can help you land a well-paying and stable job.

If you are an aspiring UI UX designer, Felix-ITs can help you through the process. Its mentors and industry experts can help you from the basics to the interview process.

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