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8 Must-Have DevOps Engineer Skills to Lookout for in 2024

DevOps is becoming increasingly popular around the world. With its reputation in the IT industry, it has evolved into more than just a technology solution. Its popularity stems from consistent, safe, and speedier software delivery, which results in shorter time-to-market and higher end-user satisfaction.

With all of these advantages, DevOps has grown in importance, and the demand for competent professionals with DevOps engineering skills is greater than ever.

To get better at this, take a DevOps course and acquire the most crucial DevOps engineer skills in the market!

Important DevOps Engineer Skills

Cloud Skills

Cloud and DevOps are closely related to each other. It is ideal to be an expert in both of these DevOps engineer skills for the best result. Cloud works to seamlessly integrate development and operations. Whereas DevOps helps drive the whole process by offering the platform to test, deploy and release code. Therefore, another important DevOps engineer skills is expertise in multiple cloud platforms. Such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud to manage and scale applications.

Cloud services make it easier to automate processes and streamline continuous integration and delivery pipelines.


Soft Skills and Noble Thought

Being proficient at coding and automation is good but not good enough. It is a collaborative approach that relies on DevOps engineer skills like these to bridge gaps between development and operations teams. A different version of you who is also good at soft skills, self-motivation, flexibility, and learning will be needed.

Ethical considerations and a sense of responsibility are included in Noble Thought. This helps to ensure that engineers make decisions with integrity and take into account broader societal views.

In the upcoming years, a strong ethical foundation becomes crucial as DevOps crosses with key domains such as security and privacy.

So, a combination of Soft Skills and Noble Thought is important for a holistic approach towards DevOps. Going for a DevOps certification or a DevOps course can help you learn these skills.


Communication and Collaboration

Even for the next year communication and collaboration will remain the most important DevOps engineer skills. Clear communication means a smooth exchange of information between numerous teams.

Collaboration is essential because DevOps requires the integration of development and operations, which necessitates teamwork.

These DevOps engineer skills enable DevOps engineers to adapt quickly to new technologies. It also helps improve workflow and produce high-quality, durable software solutions.


Security Skills

Security skills are crucial in DevOps to safeguard software development and deployment. DevOps accelerates delivery, but without proper security, it can go wrong. Security skills help that sensitive data is protected, and potential threats are identified beforehand.

It’s best to integrate security into the DevOps pipeline to prevent security issues instead of responding to them later. When it comes to DevOps, speed and efficiency are of utmost importance. But you cannot avoid it at the cost of security.

As a result, the DevSecOps skill set will be useful to success as a DevOps professional. Go for a DevOps course to get a deeper understanding of this subject..


Understanding of Relevant Tools

DevOps is a kind of field that purely relies on the multiple tools used throughout the different phases of its process. So, it only makes sense that understanding these tools is one of the many key DevOps engineer skills.

These tools automate processes, enhance collaboration and speed up feedback loops. Technologies like Jenkins, Docker, and Ansible streamline continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, ensuring a cohesive and iterative development lifecycle. It’s best to go for DevOps training in Pune to master these important and relevant tools.


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Coding and Scripting

Coding and scripting are crucial DevOps engineer skills. Because they help in automation, collaboration, and efficiency in the software development lifecycle. Engineers write scripts to automate tasks and configure infrastructure as code. This ensures seamless collaboration between development and operations teams.

Among the most popular programming/scripting languages are Python, Ruby, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Bash, Shell, and Node.js. Linux is still one of the oldest operating environments which presently in use. The flexibility it offers is the reason behind it. Linux might not be used every time by DevOps engineers but proficiency in it can help whenever the need arises.

Learning the basics of Linux is pretty simple but becoming an expert in it will require a good amount of time, so start as soon as you can. DevOps training in Pune by Felix-ITs helps students and professionals acquire this and many other important DevOps engineer skills.


Automation Skills

Automation is a crucial DevOps engineer skill that helps streamline and enhance the software development lifecycle. This process ensures efficiency, reliability, and speed in tasks like code deployment and testing. DevOps engineers enhance overall system stability and accelerate development cycles by automating repetitive tasks. This helps in reducing manual errors.

A DevOps engineer should be able to fully automate the DevOps pipeline. This also includes CI/CD cycles, app performance monitoring, infrastructure, and configurations.

DevOps engineers skills are directly related to understanding of DevOps toolset, coding, and scripting.


Testing Skills

Testing skills are essential for a DevOps engineer to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of CI/CD pipelines. A DevOps engineer needs to adeptly create and run automated tests. This helps to identify and resolve development process issues enhancing quality. This involves designing tests and troubleshooting problems. Following such a procedure can help ensure the software released is stable and secure.

Possessing these DevOps engineer skills will also help you to meet user expectations. The core principle of DevOps is to continuously evolve and offer better solutions with the help of collaboration. The DevOps certification by Felix-ITs can help aspiring individuals to get expert at this skill.


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How to Develop DevOps Engineer Skills?

There is no sure-fire way to develop these important DevOps engineer skills but following certain ways can help you out. Consider these things the next time you are pursuing a DevOps course:


Practice is a Must

If you wish to get better at something practice is a must, even if you wish to develop the best DevOps engineer skills. Try your hands-on real-world projects to get a better understanding of the practical aspects. Find out a project that suits you and begin with it. Don’t forget to make notes of everything you do, it will come in handy as a reference later.


Attend Meetups and Conferences

Participate in DevOps events like meetups and seminars to connect with industry experts. Their valuable insights can help you learn and stay updated on the latest trends. It’s like a knowledge exchange event where you can learn, collaborate and grow together.


Experiment with Different Tools

A career in DevOps highly relies on the tools, requiring a strong grasp of them. Try out different DevOps tools to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Experimentation helps you find the tools that best fit your needs.


Take a DevOps Course

Enrolling on a DevOps course can help you make better progress and learn all those DevOps engineer skills relatively easily. During the DevOps training the expert faculties can teach you from the basics to the advanced. If you are considering a DevOps course, then make sure to only go for the best DevOps training in Pune. The DevOps certification offered by Felix-ITs is a great way to take this approach.


Practical Experience

DevOps training and knowledge about it is a great way to get started in your professional journey. But make sure to expose yourself to some valuable practical experience. Working on a live project or getting a job/internship after the DevOps training is a simple way to do this. After the completion of the DevOps course, Felix-ITs also assists the students with the placement process to help them kickstart their careers.


Final Thoughts

DevOps is much more than just a technology solution. One needs to be open to the changes and adapt to new things to become efficient at it. The above discussed were some of the most important DevOps engineer skills that you must learn. Possessing these DevOps engineer skills can make you a potentially perfect candidate for this industry.

Felix-ITs is one of the most reputable institutes offering the best DevOps training in Pune. Our team is expert at helping individuals learn these trending and beneficial DevOps engineer skills with the help of DevOps certification.

Good luck developing better software and being successful in the competitive market!

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