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How is DevOps Engineer as a Career Path

How is DevOps Engineer as a Career Path?

Choosing a career path can be challenging in this day and age, with abundant options and tough competition. However, DevOps is a career path often preferred by individuals with a science or technical background.

The wave of digitization has subsequently increased the demand for DevOps engineers. According to studies, the industry has witnessed a 40-45% growth in demand for DevOps engineers. Such statistics might make someone wonder about making a career in this field.

If you have similar thoughts, read along as the following article contains all the necessary information about DevOps. We aim to help you select the correct career path, and this article will shine some light on that matter.

What is DevOps?

The word “DevOps” stems from the combination of software developers (dev) and operations (ops). It is considered a software engineering methodology that aims to use the work of software operations and software development with shared responsibility.

Integrating the DevOps development process facilitates faster and more efficient application development. In addition, it significantly improves the flow and value delivery of the applications in a collaborative environment.

Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps engineer, you will be responsible for closing the gap between the actions required to change the application and the tasks that sustain its dependability. They work as instruments to combine the codes, application management, and maintenance to facilitate smoother process automation.

The role of a DevOps engineer is not to be confused with an engineer. While engineers are coding to build solutions, a DevOps engineer has a technical and IT operations role.

Generally, the following responsibilities fall under the umbrella of the job profile of a DevOps Engineer:

  • Setting up and building new infrastructure and development tools
  • Working towards automation and release processes
  • Bridging the gap between the requirements of the stakeholders and the skills of the developers
  • Testing code and analyzing results
  • Planning future projects
  • Identifying technical issues and rolling out their solutions
  • Ensuring security and safety against cybersecurity threats
  • Understanding the requirements of a customer and KPIs
  • Coordination with customers and developers
  • Periodic reporting for better management
  • Reviewing and verifying the working of the project

Skills Required to Become a DevOps Engineer

Any individual with the following skillsets can become a successful DevOps Engineer:

  1. Understanding of DevOps Tools
  2. Communication
  3. Collaboration with the team and customers
  4. Security skills
  5. Automation skills
  6. Testing skills
  7. Coding
  8. Cloud skills
  9. Awareness of DevOps and Agile principles
  10. Problem-solving skills

Why Should One Learn DevOps?

If your mind is still wavering around whether or not to take up DevOps as a career option, the following reasonings will help you make an informed call:

1. Valuable Skill Set for a Company

Companies are always on the lookout for a proficient DevOps engineer to help optimize company costs since such engineers bring various skills to the table.

2. Benefit from the Technical Job Market

Currently, MNCs and other large and small-scale companies are looking to hire DevOps due to the advent of technology and intense competition. Such a market scenario makes it favorable for DevOps engineers to quickly land a stable and scalable job.

3. Boost Professional Credibility

Learning DevOps opens newer opportunities to work with varying technology and tools. In addition, the same skills can be applied to various technical fields, making DevOps engineers higher credible.

Types of Employers of DevOps Engineers

DevOps engineers are not restricted to a single type of recruiter. With the inculcation of necessary skills and expertise, DevOps engineers can get employed in:

  • Software development companies
  • Website management companies
  • Retails
  • Public sector organizations
  • Technology consultants
  • Broadcasters
  • Telecommunication companies

DevOps Engineer Salary

While the salary of DevOps engineers depends on the geographical location, skills, experience, and expertise, it averages up to ₹ 6 LPA. It starts from ₹ 4.2 LPA and can go up to ₹ 12 LPA.

Companies like Wipro, IBM, Tech Mahindra, and TCS are some of the thriving companies that have an excellent pay scale and a scalable work environment.

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